Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Carport painting

This is just a quickie up-date about what's happening at the Sow's Ear.

It's all about painting the carport roof trusses at the moment. Dull tedious job that it is. I'm projecting Jason as I type this, as he's the one painting them...unlucky him.

The trusses are, of course, becoming gloss white.

white carport
 They used to be heritage green.

We have two carports. This is the other one which needs to be painted...later down the track. What a nightmare job! 
It is such a lot of work.


  1. It might be a nightmare job, but have to say that white looks so much better.
    On another note - I'm sad to say that I took a set of those textured glassware to a charity shop in the UK before our move here. They were a hand me down from my mum, and even though I liked them it was just a practical "I can't pack everything" kind of decision. Lovely to see them being displayed in your kitchen.

  2. eeek. what a job. have fun with that jason!

    tdm xx

  3. That cannot be a fun job, but what an impact!

    P.S. Today is my first blogiversary (yay!) and I'm hosting my first-ever giveaway (and it is handmade!):

  4. In reality, there are a lot of 'unfun' jobs in a reno aren't there. Jason, you deserve a medal. A-M x

  5. Poor Jason, you won't let him rest, will you? It does look a million times better though. I think I'm secretly jealous because my husband is such a bad painter that is no longer allowed to do so plus he has a bad leg.

  6. Go Jason, you are on the home stretch so don't stop now. Get it done before it really heats up. Such rewarding stuff, especially when you can reflect back via the blog. I note also that the fence is done Anita? Is that on 'both sides'? Just joking... Bit cheeky of me! Well done both of you. ;-)

  7. wow - looks like a brand new carport. the white looks fantastic.
    cheryl xox.

  8. Good luck! =)

  9. Good on ya Jase! It looks heaps better in white!

  10. Excellent pcitures indeed. Thanks for sharing these.


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