Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Textured bark glass

I've been having a bit of an op-shop bonanza lately. 

I found a set of retro bark/textured drinking glasses from two different op-shops within a week or so of each other. It must be a sign...that some people don't like textured glass! Lucky me, because I love it.

Sadly, the glasses are no name el cheapo drinking glasses but this is okay by me, as the boys will be able to use them with no stress from me.

The new (old) glasses look so good on our kitchen shelf next to the more precious Finnish glassware. With the hot summer days creeping up on us, textured glassware is very appealing. Anything that looks remotely icy is welcome.

retro textured glassware
Look at the dusty shelf, I'll have to sack my imaginary cleaner Raoul! 


  1. Lucky score!

    I probably shouldn't take a photo of our china cupboard and send it to you... My parents were married in Iceland in the heyday of bark glass..... We've got glasses in three differing sizes, Iittala, Iittala, Iittala. Not as much as they used to have - too many boys deciding it would be good idea to climb the china cupboard....

    Enjoy those glasses, drinks always taste much colder in bark glass than in normal glass.

  2. Hi Miss Silk Purse

    Oh wow - you have taken me back - like reallllly back.

    We grew up with those glasses (you know they were quite flash in their days).

    I think my mum and dad had them till about 5 years ago!

    smiling at the nostalga :)

    Have a wonderful day,

    loulou, from hereiamloulou blog


  3. I have an amber set with a matching jug - I love them!

  4. Thanks Helen. Please never show me your china cabinet.

    Thanks LouLou, my place is like walking down memory lane!

    Zigsma, are you my long lost thrifty sister?

  5. You were right about my Iittala glasses- k'chinnng! It never occurred to me to check as I just assumed they were el cheapo but once through the dishwasher and they look all icy and cool even in this heat- now what to put in them?!

  6. Love the new find!! You are so lucky to find such nifty things . . .

  7. Scores galore this week! Raoul's been very slack in my neck of the woods as well :)

  8. Brismod - yes, yes I am. I didn't know it was called bark glass.

  9. Nice find! but I think a G&T with a slice of lemon, would really set them apart!

  10. Funny, I was checking out an amber bark glass (didn't know it was called that either) jug in an opshop the other day. Didn't buy it though.., wonder if it's still there?

  11. HI,
    this is very interesting; I am from Finland and I was so suprised to see Iittala glassware here in your blog.

    You have a wonderful blog :).
    Best wishes,


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