Sunday, 20 November 2011

Mid-century interiors tour Brisbane

I was lucky enough to attend another mid-century house tour on the weekend, which was kindly organised by Chris from Brisbane Modern Magazine. He has organised tours before, mainly to view modernist exteriors but this time we were invited inside all the homes for the ultimate sticky beak!

There were about 20 of us car-pooling to several modernist homes from suburbs as disparate as Wavell Heights to Tarragindi.  As a frustrated mid-century lover who happens to own a traditional Queenslander house, to say I was green with envy would be an understatement - all the homes were incredible examples of Brisbane mid-century architectural design. Love.

The owners of the homes were extremely generous to open their homes so willingly to a bunch of house geeks, so many thanks to them for their hospitality.

The first port of call was a home in the northside suburb of Wavell Heights, which is about nine kilometres from the CBD. The circa 1965 home had just undergone an extensive but tasteful contemporary renovation which involved another storey being added to the original house. The interior was just spectacular, with the owners Amra and Salih embracing wholeheartedly the modernist style of the home.

Here are some shots of the interior. The shots seriously do no justice to this amazing home.

Close-up of the lounge room.
Eames elliptical coffee table, the two chairs are by Charles Wilson (I think, I may be wrong though..)

Longer view of the lounge room. The fireplace had an amazing copper flue.

This is the front entry which had an incredibly cool back lit textured wall.

Elegant sideboard with Georg Jensen Cobra candlesticks

They have good taste! Amra & Salih bought this Anstey leather recliner at the same time as me. The pendant light is Murano which is original to the house but was relocated from another part of the house for this spot. Gorgeous!

Amra made pizza for her guests

The pizza was cooked in their outdoor pizza oven in the outdoor swimming pool area. OMG! It was delicious.

Striking exterior of the home
So that was part one of the tour. I will show you more of the other homes we visited over the next few posts. Stay tuned!


  1. See, I just read this and get extremely jealous. What a beautiful, sleek, clean home.

    I won't say anything other than that I'm extremely jealous.

    Why did I have children? There's nothing Mid-Century, sleek or clean about my children.

  2. Oh, that was fabulous! Lots to love but I think the murano glass shade wins for me :)

  3. Actually, I think I can remember this house when it went on the market a couple of years ago. It's beautiful.

  4. Kerry, it was just gorgeous up close. xx

    MMMC, I felt Jealousy with a capital J on the entire tour!! The last home I couldn't even take any was a house that I had eyed off earlier this year when it was on the market that was perfect for a family with kids. It had such a wonderful homey feel for a mid-century house. xx

  5. Oooh goody, nothing better than a sticky beak house tour. That pendant light is lovely, as are the chairs, great colour. melx

  6. Anita that house is right near our school. Watched the Reno and was so pleased how they went about it and kept to the original style. It has always made me think of yourself and Carmel and ure love of Mid century anything! What a great tour!!

  7. Miss Silk Purse

    You had me at Murano and Pizza - what an amazing kept home - a great privilege you had

    Have a wonderful day,

    loulou, from hereiamloulou blog


  8. Oh how wonderful, I'm so jealous! Can't wait to see the rest...How does one get to tag along to one of these tours..?! I had my own sticky beak at a mid century gem on Saturday that's coming for auction. If I win the lotto this week (doubtful), she will be mine...

  9. I wish someone clever in Perth would organise one of these. We have done the Iwanoff tour (not a proper one, just a drive-by) but to see their interiors would be a such a treat.
    I love the entry complete with Mother-in-Law Tongues. It's perfect. Thanks so much for sharing.

  10. Wow! how lucky are you? What an amazing home to visit. Looks like the owners certainly knew what they wanted - just perfect. xx

  11. wow,wow,wow. That home is perfection. I'd love to go on a tour like that!

  12. Wow, preserved forever. It's beautiful.
    ... and hey, you're up early! A-M xx

  13. I know A-M. A bit too early but nice to see Pam and you are up at this time too. xx

  14. wow, what a pad! they've done an awesome job!!

  15. Oh wow very groovy. Now that pizza oven is seriously nice. I have always wanted one but haven't really liked the look of them. I will have to pin that one. Thanks

  16. I lived around the corner from this place and watch the renos on a daily basis. I was wondering what they had done internally. Looks great

  17. Very impressive. I had to laugh at Carmel's comments :)

  18. I'm with MMMC. Jealous and I so want that yellowy green German vase in the distant in the first shot...yes it was the first thing I saw... OMG just read your comment about the last house...I will have to do a drive past, I would so love to see what they have done. is it the house I am thinking of ???

  19. Very nice. The sideboard with the candlesticks is designed by Robert Heritage for Archie Shine. It was called 'Hamilton' and is made in Britain.

    I just sold one last week!

  20. Thanks for that Rosewood and Teak. It's a beauty.xx

  21. I've admire this home since I was little walking to swimming lessons at WHSS from OLA. Stunning...

  22. Hi Anita, stalking your blog!! (evil laugh) - Do they know who the architect was? Nat xxxxxx

    1. Hey Nat, no they don't know who the architect was...which is a shame. But they do know the landscape architect was Arne Fink if that helps. They're landscape plans are on the front cover of Australian Modern Design book. xx


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