Saturday, 5 November 2011

Puffle Pinata

There's a big party happening here at the Sow's Ear - a puffle party for son #2 who is partial to Club Penguin.

So, we've embraced the theme entirely and puffle pinata is one of the games planned.

home-made Puffle Pinata.
The wonders of green spray paint, left-over house paint and crepe paper!

 It seems a shame that he will be bashed with a stick. Somehow I don't think the mini party guests will think the same...

p.s. Son # 1 just walked past the puffle and told him to say his prayers because tomorrow will be his last day!!


  1. Ha! That's funny ... 'Say your prayers, Puffle!'

    I've never heard of Club Penguin or Puffles. Are they a big boy thing?

  2. Ditto Makeminemidcentury above!
    Children do love a pinata! (Cute face or not)
    x KL

  3. Oh, and my experience says that the daddies like having a 'bash' too! LOL!

  4. Well done on an awesome pinata!

  5. Now that's hugely creative puffle. Would you say it's a mid-century look, or not? I've already ruled out shabby chic.

  6. Say your prayers... that's the best! I don't know puffles either. Is it an Australian thing?

  7. I just love the sensitivity of children ;-) Hahahahaha! Excellent. Do post photos of post puffle mayhem!

  8. Ha ha that's funny! You're very handy with the crafts, I love the puffle pinata face, was it based on your mood on the day?lol Hope the party goes off with a bang or should I say smash! x Jode

  9. Great pinata! Have a fun birthday party. ;-)

  10. My daughter knew immediately that it was a puffle, looks great!

  11. Although I've never heard of Club Penguin, I absolutely love the creativity of this pinata!
    I've never had the patience to create on myself, but this has inspired me to do so :)

  12. hehehe, that's hilarious - say your prayers.

    havent seen such a convincing puffle in a long time, well done anita! xx


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