Friday, 11 November 2011

Jo's house

I went to visit my thrifty fairy godmother in Ipswich.

Mid-Century Jo from Desire to Inspire beckoned Katherine (theoldboathouse) and I to see her stunning work-in-progress 1860s cottage. She was also cleaning out her cupboards know what that means...lots of thrifty goodies for the Sow's Ear...!!

We had a fab day. Firstly, we saw the changes to Jo's home since our last visit, hit the op-shops, drank great coffee, visited Kerrie's amazing store ES Traders (seriously good things are in this space. Love) and then ate a yummy lunch on Jo's front balcony.

Katherine and I had a great day out visiting - like escapees from a prison. You'd think we found gold from the smiles on our faces.
Here are a few shots of Jo's gorgeous home.

Jo's black cavernous bedroom.
Image from Jo
Jo has a sitting area in her bedroom. It is that big.
She has plans of putting in an ensuite when  time and finances allow.
image from Jo

This is a corner of Jo's living room. Every corner of her home has a point of interest.
She is such an avid collector  of everything.

Jo has wallpapered one of her kitchen walls with vintage Penguin paperback covers. It looks amazing.
My photos do not do it any justice.

The dining area. That's a DQF dining setting and a Featherston chair in the corner.
The vintage textiles on the table are for another Brisbane blogger. Jo asked me to pass them on to her. Guess who?
This is another angle of Jo's living room. She's having the cabinets which sit either side of the fireplace restored.
Check out her Beni Ourain Moroccan Rug, Featherston Numero iv and those delicious chocolaty walls.
Jo's feathered friend on her shoulder.

Our visit was not nearly long enough! The time really does fly when we visit Jo.

Anyway, I have another post up my sleeve to show you the vintage goodies we discovered in Ipswich and of course Jo's cupboards. So good!


  1. Sigh. Jo's house is so sophisticated and perfect. I see so many beautiful things and collections. And shades of brown. That's an underrated colour in my books.

    Right now, here, there are four people, under-10-years, screaming simultaneously in different rooms.

    Jo's house looks like a silent, peaceful, Penguin-walled adult heaven.

  2. PS That first photo did make me laugh.

  3. I had so much fun! I want to do it again tomorrow. MMM-C needs to come next time so I can unload more junk, sorry, goodies. By the way the cake was great. Pity you guys had to run before we got to eat it :P I have done nothing today I was so exhausted from gas bagging.

  4. WOW - Amazing house and what a fun day. Go girls!!!

  5. ohh nice place.

    i'll have to time my purchases from theoldboathouse so they can be delivered when you're in the area :p

    tdm xx

  6. It looks like you all had waaay too much fun! X

  7. so very cool. Looks like fun was had by all.

  8. That penguin wall is the bee's knees. I love it to bits.

  9. Nothing better than a gaggle of girls gasbagging while grabbing vintage goodies. Cannot wait for the next installment of all the goodies. melx

  10. It was such a perfect fun day can't wait to do it all again soon ladies, wish we could have had time for some of Jo's amazing cake. Xxx Katherine
    ps that photo is truly hilarious look at our smiles only we could be so excited gettiing our picture taken in a hospice thrift store...such class and glamour.

  11. What a beautiful, gorgeous house. And quite unique. Love it! Can I come next time please?

  12. As I read down through this post I spotted the Penguin covers wall and liked Jo immensely. Then I saw the parrot and liked her double immensely.

  13. Wow! What an amazing home! How can you not have fun with the gorgeous Katherine around? x

  14. A fun day! Love Jo's home. Mimi xx

  15. um, darl - you did strike gold. jo would be the most awesome benevolent benefactor of cool stuff. And doesnt her place look sensational, i have serious bedroom size envy. looks like a great day.


  16. What a wonderful get together! Fabulous home Jo! A-M xx

  17. Thanks everyone. It was such a fun day. I can't wait to show you what came home with me. xx

  18. nice digs !! love the wallpaper
    ~laura xx

  19. Good times, I love Jo's style. what a fabulous bedroom!!!


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