Monday, 7 November 2011

Mid-century bar stools

Funky mid-century bar stools for our covered deck were on the wish list for quite some time.

A few months ago I picked up two mid-century TH Brown stools from eBay (I bought them from the very spooky Jack Sim, Brisbane's ghost tour operator extraordinaire. Woo..wooo). T H Brown & Sons were a hugely popular furniture maker in Adelaide and made very good quality pieces. Their mid-century range of furniture is quite delicious and still reasonably affordable.

We already have some TH Brown stools which we use in the kitchen. They were another eBay purchase that we bought from an elderly couple in Melbourne a couple of years ago. (Organising shipping is always a pain in the neck though)

Anyway, when I saw a matching pair being sold locally, I knew they'd work well for the bar area. I was so pleased to get them. 

TH Brown bar stools

The new stools are in good overall condition however they just needed a bit of re-gluing at some of the joins to remove the wobbles. Jason kindly did the honours of gluing and clamping the stools together.

gluing and clamping the joins
TH Brown stool being restored

Jason used a good quality wood glue and held everything in place with clamps that were padded with towels and chocks of wood to prevent damaging the teak legs. I'll give the legs a polish with some Danish oil and they should be right to go...

Just in time for summer drinkies on the deck! Cheers!

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  1. That Jack Sim (such a great name) was selling some pretty groovy stuff. Do you think an exorcism might be in order though with these chaps before anyone sits on them, given what happened to the lamp? Maybe you should wave a few of the little taper candles over them and say a few hail Mary's, he he. xx Katherine

  2. Funny you should mention it Katherine...we were using them for a while and there was a minor mishap with one of of Jason's friends fell off one of the stools. We put them to one side for a couple of months...until we had a chance to fix them properly...

  3. They're really lovely and look comfy too :)

  4. Great find and lucky Jason could fix them. Lets hope there are no more mishaps. ;-)

  5. They look good on your deck, next we'd like some action shots involving the consumption of cocktails at that bar. melx

  6. The bar stools have particularly elegant legs. I hope your visitors will have particularly elegant legs too, if that's not too matchy-matchy.

  7. The bar stools look great, I have to get into eBay!

  8. Such a gorgeous find! They ARE perfect - good eye.

  9. I was thinking about your soda-thing the other day. Have you cranked that up? Can you still get the bullet-whatevers? (I love being technical.)

    I've always admired your kitchen stools ... just goes to show how beneficial it is to constantly keep one's eye on ebay.

    I second some cocktail action shots!

  10. Love love love these stools! What an awesome find. Michelle

  11. Cool stools, but I am really loving that benchtop!

  12. Lovely legs! Great that you were able to find another job for the versatile Jason too!

  13. He's handy, that Jason. A-M xx

  14. Hello Miss silk Purse

    you are the funniest lady - seriously!

    I laughed out so loud when I read your "virtual add in" of the *woo-ooo" part.

    tears... he he he

    later gator

    loulou, from hereiamloulou blog


  15. I always enjoy a nice stool but have nothing as flash as those babies. Well done!

  16. Jealous - of the stools, the outdoor deck, scrummy summer drinkies, etc!

  17. Nice stools. And I don't mean that scatalogically. (Sorry.)


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