Monday, 21 November 2011

Mid-century homes in Bardon

Our next stop on the Brisbane mid-century interiors house tour led us to a quiet cul-de-sac in Bardon, a suburb which is located five kilometres west of the CBD.

We were able to visit two neighbouring homes in the same street. Both homes are being slowly renovated by their owners with the intention of preserving the integrity of the modernist design.

The first home we saw on this street was perhaps one of my favourites. It was designed by architect Brian Hackett in 1965 and is a light-filled three bedroom home. The soaring cathedral-like ceilings were impressive and made the space quite grand.

A talented Brisbane architect, Robyn Booth has been working with the young owners on the staged renovations. The main bathroom and ensuite renovations are the next big projects planned for this 1960s home.

Here are some snapshots of this wonderful piece of mid-century goodness:

Spacious lounge room.
The Parker lounge suite was a recent acquisition. The teal fabric is completely original.

This photo is taken from the lounge room to the dining room. The kitchen on the left is not original to the house. It will be reconfigured  at a later date

I liked this detail above the bedroom doors - a nod to the traditional Queenslander's breeze way.

This shot is taken from the side garden area.

Front view of the house with a patio dress-wearing house tour member!
The next house we visited in the street was a Donald Spencer home designed in 1966. It is to the left of the house above. There was an article written about it in Brisbane Modern Magazine Issue II and a photo of the home also made the front cover. Check out the cover here.

We only had a fleeting visit to this home as the couple who own it recently had twins. Yikes! Hands definitely full there. We did not want to intrude for too long.

It was still amazing to see and a joy to know that there are people out there who so obviously love their home.

Here are some images of this cutting-edge, in 1966, Brisbane home:

Sunken lounge area with polished concrete floors.
Shag pile carpet was the original floor covering used in this area. 

entry with large sliding front door with oversized hand-beaten copper door handle

This shot is taken from the kitchen which is elevated from the main living and dining area.
Amazing sunken bath tub. There is a large shower rose attached to the ceiling which you can't see in this shot.
This is not the most flattering image but I felt that I should include it as the owners intend to restore it when time and money allows.  
I hope you are enjoying this mid-century tour of Brisbane.


  1. Two awesome houses. I've loved looking at them.

  2. Lovely - especially that wooden sliding front door with the beaten copper handle.

  3. Wow! I am loving that shagadelic second house, especially the lounge suite & the sliding door. can't wait to see more!

  4. I love a bit of Donald S. There are a couple of his houses out this way. That door is too cool and how do you think that lounge survived the eighties. Remarkable!

  5. So much coolness in one post. What great homes that are lucky to have such caring custodians :)

  6. All of the homes you are showing are amazing. How is it you own a Queenslander instead of a MCM style?

  7. The second is my favourite. Sunken lounge, sunken bath. My heart is sunken with envy.

  8. God, I feel sick. In fact, my arms have suddenly started shaking.

    Where in Bardon are these exactly? You may have to email the addresses!

  9. WOW, wow wow wow .... that sunken lounge area, that circular sofa .... wow!

  10. Amazing home, thanks for the peek!


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