Thursday, 24 November 2011

For Anonymous Natalie

Anonymous Natalie is wavering about her dislike for our this post is for her.

Our chandelier is not classically beautiful like many other chandeliers - it is very much a light of its era which is from the late 60s to early 80s. Obviously, I picked our chandelier up on the cheap because someone decided it was no longer to their taste...which is very understandable as mid-century Italian is not everyone's thing.

After I bought our chandelier from eBay, I began noticing them in salubrious settings such as advertisements for Designers Guild. They are quite pretty and make a striking statement in the right setting.

Above images from Designers Guild

There is a sophisticated contemporary take on the same theme from Ochre
image from Here
Even the Lindt Cafe in Martin Place, Sydney is on board.

Image by Nat Duncan
I also have a reader from the Mornington Peninsula who sent me a photo of her chandelier which she bought for a mere $5. Jealous.

Then I stumbled on a website from the US and saw a similar chandelier to my ugly one.

Image from here
I nearly choked when I saw how much they're selling this chandelier. Click on here so you can choke too.

Woo hoo! Yep, my ugly chandy makes me very happy. Let's hope it doesn't fall...

mid-century Italian Murano tear drop chandelier


  1. Dear Anita, I will be in touch when the time comes to fund my daughters' university education. Will you please take good care of the chandelier till then?

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  3. Don't let one hater get to you. There are 20 other odd people who liked it, and they're the ones who commented! Imagine all those, like me, who read and hardly ever comment.

    I have more deco taste myself, but I still quite like the chandelier the way you have it as looks great with the mid century pieces you already have.

    (BTW - Thank you for getting me into Casalino Casala chairs. You're blogposts have been invaluable.)

  4. I know Mise. I will even fund their PhDs too - they must be about found objects or mid-century Italy.

    Thanks Sez. I'm just having a little banter with Anon Natalie, that's all. I think the whole thing is funny. Glad you like Casala chairs. xx

  5. What a great chandelier, thanks for the little bit of design history. I have to get into eBay! KP

  6. love the chandy history - and yes I chocked!!!
    cheryl xox.

  7. There is nothing ugly, I repeat NOTHING ugly at all, about your chandy! x

  8. All power to you, chandelier away!! My business motto for the past decade has been "if you love it, it's always in style" as i think why waste good style, for something new?? There is no story or history in something new, except a lounge, that has to be new, like mattresses!! Love Posie

  9. I think your chandelier is just stupendous!! Insurance?? Or perhaps a triple layer bubblewrap table cloth to go under it..?

  10. That chandelier is fabulous. I am sure Natalie is picturing it in her own home, which is perhaps not suited to a Modern piece such as this. It would look hokey with, say a Queen Anne dining set, but it looks quite fabulous in your room and very fitting with your unique and lovely style.

  11. I love your chandy and it's not my style at all. I just checked the price on that other one. CHOKE! I hope yours doesn't fall again either!

  12. I actually think it's preferable that people don't like what I/you like.

    If no one likes what I/you like, then you know you're truly original.

    Embrace the nay-sayers and charge forth!

  13. I love your chandelier and what a great find. I love how it is different. Mimi xx

  14. WOW !!! It looks impressive in those magazine shots. And the cost !!! Well done ... what an investment. Thanks Brismod for your supportive comments and I am flattered that you have dedicated a post to educate me on this matter. To others out there please don't regard me as a hater ... I am not trying to be hurtful with my comments I just don't like it and I guess I would rather be honest with my thoughts then tell people what they want to hear (within reason of course). That is how I am in the real world so why should I be any different in Blogland. As I've said in my comments before my opinion does not matter one little bit ... as long as you are happy and love it I am happy. I hope I haven't come across as nasty or offended you as that is not what I intended ... and it is just a bit of fun. It is great that most people in blogland are supportive and encouraging but sometimes it can be a little bit much (oops ... there I go again being honest ... I'll shut up now). Hope you have a great weekend. I'm off to Byron for the weekend and we've just realised its the start of NSW schoolies week !!! And the weather is crap !!! There you go I'm being punished.
    Anonymous Natalie

  15. Hey Anonymous Natalie, I actually appreciated your honesty and was just having a bit of fun with you. Most people get that, so there will be no vigilante attempts on you! Ha!

    As much as I like the chandy, I probably wouldn't have dropped a few grand on it!! I thought you'd like that little discovery about its "worth". So funny.

    Anyway, I'm hoping the skies clear for you and the schoolies are civilised while you're in Byron.

  16. I actually just bought a very similar style chandelier to add some glamour to my walk-in-robe. I love it and now that I've seen it in a designer's guild ad I love it even more!!!!
    Ignore annonymous comments.
    Cheers Kylie

  17. Thanks
    Anonymous Natalie xx

  18. Well I guess if it takes a village to raise a child, it stands to reason that it takes the blogosphere to renovate a house. Even the odd negative comment is helpful, if only to reaffirm your passion:) Also, nearly choked on price of other chandy. You did good girlfriend. Meredy xo

  19. As you say it is all about what makes you happy...and as that saying goes your house should be filled only with the things you love and the things you need...this post reminds me a little of Antiques Roadshow where the family is told that their families ugly pot...painting etc is worth a fortune and you see them suddenly begin to appreciate it a whole lot more ha. xx Katherine

  20. Wow,I think your chandy needs a safety net!

  21. Errr, Anita. If you scroll up, you will notice all the chandys are hanging low AND placed under soft sofas. The universe is trying to tell you something.
    And Anonymous Natalie will need her own cameo role in the Sow's ear movie now!

  22. I am in love with the Chandy! I want one too!
    You cannot go wrong with any kind of Murano. Maybe a bowl full of figs may cushion a fall? Let's think positive though....

  23. I love the colours in the glass of your new chandelier. I also love the character of it and it looks just right in the space it is hanging in. The glass droplets are shaped beautifully too. I am glad you have adopted it and are letting it shine again. Have a great weekend.

  24. My aesthetic is so far from mid century it's not funny.... but I LOVE your chandelier. I think it is heartstoppingly beautiful... and the way you throw it all together?.... you're turning me. A-M xx


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