Sunday, 21 March 2010

Casement Windows Hopscotch Style

Doors and windows are an expensive yet necessary part of any renovation.

Down the track we plan to replace the windows in the master bedroom where we have a bay window. The windows we have currently are clear single-pane timber casement windows. They are the only windows on the left-hand side of the house which do not match the hopscotch profile that is consistent throughout.

No doubt they were a later addition when modifications were done to that room some years ago.

Yesterday afternoon, while it was raining I picked up the classified section of the newspaper to browse for retro furniture (as you do) and stumbled upon the "building materials for sale" column. I never really look in that section but I thought I'd see what was on offer in terms of casement windows.

Bingo! Right quantity, right size, right profile and when Jason called, they were still available.

A boot load of timber casement windows

The couple selling the windows were modernising their Queenslander...and the windows were no longer required. (I shudder when I hear modernise and Queenslander uttered in the same breath, which is ironic really since I have modernist leanings....)

To purchase 10 new custom built casements for our bedroom, we had a conservative estimate of $3,500. For a very tiny fraction of that, we are now in the window replacement business.

The windows are in good condition. The glass pattern is not a perfect match but we are not that concerned because our bay window is not original to the house anyway. It will give us more privacy than the clear glass we have at the moment and in the long run, it will be more sympathetic to the house.

Jason will sand and re-paint the windows before he fits them into our bedroom - it won't happen overnight, but it will happen. It's always good to have a project.

Jason's work never ends


  1. Wow what a great pick up. Very serendipitous. Windows tend to be very expensive, we had our casement windows rebuilt when we moved in (they were rotting and didn't slide properly) by a fantastic carpenter, and they glide beautifully. But now you have the real thing, just ready to be smoothed and installed xoxo

  2. Fancy just stumbling along them in the paper. They were meant for you. Good stuff!

  3. Oh well done... great find... funny how things happen! Yes I too shudder when I hear the words Queenslander and modernise in the one sentence. You have very tasteful modernist leanings while being sympathetic to the beautiful heritage in your home. I am so enjoying your journey! A-M xx

  4. Great find on the windows - they were meant for you. Sandy

  5. I reckon you should sit down and read the paper more often!!

  6. looks like you were in exactly the right place at the right time. perfect.
    and a bargain. does it get any better?

  7. I have another 20 that i was going to install in my gabled qlder have just sold it and they are available if you need anymore. The ones you have picked up have rabbit ears which are the brass latches quite rare and a worth quite a few bob alone good pick up!


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