Monday, 8 March 2010

Kitchen - before and after and a Marimekko giveaway winner

Yesterday, we were showing a friend some before photos of our house (only because they were interested - we attempt not to bore our friends).

Blogging about our renovations has given us a great collection of photos of the house which we otherwise wouldn't have taken.

I've been trying to take after shots in the exact position of the before shots. It is very motivating, especially as we are waiting to do our next large project which is Number 1 son's bedroom. I can't wait!

To date, we have renovated the front entry, lounge room and kitchen. This is the first before and after I have collaged together:

The before shot is from our second inspection of the property last year. It is the only before shot we have. Most of the storage in the photos was freestanding and went with the previous owners.

As you can, see we didn't change the layout dramatically - just tweaked it so it would function better and have more bench and storage space. The bi-fold windows were also added to allow us to open up the space when needed. Jason said he will definitely paint the windows a gloss white when the weather improves (it's been raining heaps).

The fridge obstructing the doorway leading onto the deck was also very bad feng shui  - the couple who owned the house were divorcing. Perhaps if they had moved the fridge, things could have been different...

Marimekko Giveaway

Man, I was relieved there were a few more entrants than the embarrassing eight or so I had early last week! My plea for more entries worked and saved my pride somewhat. Anyway, there were 23 entrants (including the double entries for those who advertised my giveaway on their blog).

This morning I recruited the help of Number 1 Son to draw a name out of a stainless steel bowl for the Marimekko cushion giveaway. So very hi-tech! And this is what he pulled out:

Congratulations to Amanda from Small Acorns for winning the Marimekko cushion. Amanda, I will be in contact with you shortly to arrange delivery.

And a big thank you to everyone else who entered!


  1. Congradulations lucky girl!(She says through gritted teeth..haha) just joking! thanks for the opportunity to enter Anita. Love the pics it is always fun to see the before shot. I wonder what happened to that nice leadlight dresser? cheers Katherine

  2. I wish they had've left it too. I seriously had no decent storage when we moved in!

  3. Hurrah for Amanda; no better woman for a Marimekko cushion. And I like what you've done with that kitchen. It's much more restful now. Less bustling. I wonder whether one can name the fridge as a guilty party in a divorce application?

  4. A magnificent transformation... so serene and calm, sleek and clean compared to the before shot. I had to laugh at the fridge, feng shui comment! ... but it's sort of sad at the same time. A-M xx

  5. I can't wait to see what you do with your son's room, kids rooms confuddle me!

  6. Oh I am such a lucky lucky winner! Thanks so very much No.1 son for picking my name out of the hat. And thanks Anita for such a lovely lovely giveaway.
    Love your kitchen transformation. As one about to embark on such a thing, I am absorbing all the ideas I can find. xx

  7. Congratulations to Amanda!& Thanks so much Anita for hosting this giveaway!:)

    I know I've said this before... I Love your kitchen! So clean & calming.. lol on the fridge!

    Hope you guys have a Great week!

    Big Hugs ~ Teresa

  8. Yay for Amanda!! Now - let me get back to moving our fridge...

  9. Lovely transformation. Much more sophisticated. But where did you put the fridge? Or did I miss that somewhere?

  10. wow.... fridges are more powerful than i thought. but since i live by myself, i suppose it wont matter!
    and what a beautiful room! good job anita.

    have a good week

  11. Thanks for your comments everyone.

    Maybe I exaggerated unkindly about the powers of fridge positioning a little...

    Why S? the fridge has its own nook on the back wall which has floor to ceiling cabinetry (not pictured but directly behind one end of the island bench).

  12. Lucky Amanda! Maybe I will win next time....there will be a next time won't there!!!!????

    Love Natasha.


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