Wednesday, 17 March 2010

David Trubridge Coral Pendant Light

It is here. I have in my possession the pendant light which will soon hang in our lounge room.

I was able to buy the 600 mm Coral Light kitset when I was in the Valley yesterday. For an extra $50 you can have it fully assembled but I'm cheap and Jason is handy, so that wasn't an option. The instruction sheet said it would take approximately 40 to 60 minutes to build.

Sixty bamboo plywood pieces to be attached with rivets in a repeating pattern.

Holy Mother of Impossible Jigsaw Puzzles! Thankfully, Jason has a spatial brain and can read instructions.

Keeping up our liquids was an essential element of the assembly process.

It is such a simple concept which makes this good design  - why couldn't I have been blessed with such ingenuity? David Trubridge is a New Zealand designer who uses only natural materials in his designs to leave behind a more delicate footprint. The Coral design was released in 2004.

Anyway, the instructions lied. It took well over an hour for us to assemble the Coral Light...but, nonetheless a moment to be truly proud. Now we need to call the electrician to wire it in.

I'll keep you posted.


  1. Lookin good! Very clever piece, so funky!

  2. Wow this is just tooo cool! Much better to have put it together yourself, think what else you can buy with the $50 you've saved. Can't wait to see it hanging!!

  3. It looks great. I drove past a restaurant with three hanging in a row the other day. Why not get more than one given all the money you saved on self assembly!!

  4. super cool! The way it forms from a flat-pack reminds me of ikea. The way it takes a lot longer to assemble than they say it will also reminds me of ikea. How soon until it gets lit up?

  5. Maybe the 1 hour time guide was meant for us intelligent Kiwi's;o)
    You lucky thing Anita, having such a wonderful piece of designer lighting in your home. Please show us a picture of it once it's hung.

  6. Well done, Jason! Pour that man a double. It'll mean all the more to you for the time investment - the personal touch.

  7. Thanks for the nice comments.
    Jane, I'd have more but they are huge and our house is small...
    Nick, it will be probably next week.
    Ange, I should've called you to help assemble the light.

  8. Haha! If you'd offered me a glass of that great wine even THIS Ange would've come over and put it together for you ;-) Looks fabulous

  9. Yay! I'm so glad you went ahead with the coral pendant - you will get so many complements and you'll be able to say with a huge smile " well I MADE that!!!"

  10. Oh it's fabulous. It's going to look great in your place! A-M xx

  11. SWEEEET ... and i love the natural material / gentle footprint philosophy.
    good work. good thing you were aware to keep liquids in check
    have a great day ~laura

  12. I LOVE it, how handy of you to assemble it yourself, and thank god you had the wine handy. Can't wait to see it once the installation happens!

  13. They say doing things like this brings a couple closer together & strengthens a marriage. You are braver than me. Love, love the finished product.
    Millie ^_^


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