Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Painting, planning battens and valances

The painting of the weatherboards on this side of the Sow's Ear is finito!

Jason was able to squeeze in a couple of hours of painting on Sunday while the rain held off. He usually plays Russian roulette with the weather while he's painting. Fortunately it stayed dry for most of the day.

Shadowy sunroom shot. Mr Rooney, our Scarlet Pimpernel builder, will be replacing our stairs in the spring time.

The fibro beneath the weatherboards will be removed at some stage. We are thinking of replacing it with vertical timber battens. It will be similar to the image below - note the dark battens towards the back of the house.

image from here
Jason also wants to make a decorative valance for around the bottom of the back deck floors. Similar (but not exactly) to the image below.

Anyway, it is one small step at a time. We still have to finish painting the exterior first.


  1. Well done! Funny, I thought of Jason when it rained on Saturday. I like the idea of the battens. The old house you have used as an example is a beauty. Is it a random picture or a house we might know ? cheers Katherine

  2. Silly me I just realised you have a link. xx

  3. Crikey, you guys are good. My hubby is just happy with installing a new bin and a new cupboard door. I love the decorative valance.

  4. I've been cruising the streets of Brisbane doing drive by photography of your beautiful Queenslanders, such a wonderful style of home, i love it!! Also very much enjoying your weather, much warmer than Canberra, i don't want to leave!! Loving your renovation, love Posie

  5. Can Jason come over and finish painting my house???

  6. I could really use Jason over at our house! Does he make house calls to Canada? ;) I can't wait to see the results of this big project!

  7. Give a month or two more and Jason will be playing Russian Roulette with a pistol, Bris. Jeez - how much can a man take?

  8. My Victorian friend who has moved to Brissie said to me, "What's with all you Queenslanders and the lattice you use on your houses?" I asked her what she meant by 'lattice' & she was referring to the "eye brow battens" (as I like to call them ... your valances). I told her that if we didn't put them on then the house would look "undressed". I think she 'gets it' now ;-)

  9. Love your ideas! I am dying to add a valance to the bottom of our place once the renovation downstairs is finished. And painting is high on the list too! I am just dreading painting in the sticky heat here though.

  10. I love a house with valances. They remind me of bloomers or lace pantaloons on the posts.

  11. I love your expression -

    'A sow's ear'

    I'm sure you have a silk purse not the ear



  12. I do like the idea of those decorative valances. We have lattice around most of our bottom floor..apart from a funny little garage door!


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