Sunday, 31 July 2011

Paradigm shift - fixing the deck roof

The plan today was to put a final coat of paint on the back roof gable and to get that job out of the way. That was the plan.

Jason was just touching up some of the paint work when the deck roof he was standing on cracked to pieces.

He was standing on a very long plank placed strategically over a portion of polycarbonate roof sheeting. The rest of the roof is tin but there is a small section which has the laserlite stuff to shed more light onto the deck.

This type of old sheeting becomes quite brittle over time so you really shouldn't walk on it. The plank was the solution to allow Jason to access the areas he needed to paint.

The plank must've moved slightly and when Jason shifted his weight, the plank cracked the width of four sheets of the brittle roofing.

Cracked polycarbonate (laserlite) roof sheet

The hoo-hah that emanated from the deck roof was not good.

Off to the hardware Jason went. Apparently, the new sheets didn't fit into our my car very well and consequently there are some deep gouges on the car ceiling left by the sharp edges of the tin. say that Jason had a woeful day would really be an understatement. His demeanour was what I would describe as frightening. The kids and I were alert and alarmed!

Not even the 'pineappley' Sunday brunch ( a post on that later) I had prepared Jason could lift him from the depth of his despair.

Jason positioning the tin roofing. A minute after I took this photo, Jason stood up and noticed the sheet was out of position and promptly started to kick the sh*t out of it. I scurried back down the ladder to hide.

It took him most of the day but we now have a new section of deck roof. It might not have been the job planned for today but it was always a project that needed to be done.

Anyway, aren't we glad to see the end of that weekend!


  1. Poor you, poor Jason. I'm glad I was safely over here, away from all the action. I guess you'll have to cover those marks inside the car with heart-shaped stickers. I hope things get better and the pineapple goodness overcomes all.

  2. Oh yes, it's best to sneak away when the hoo-haa begins :)
    Isn't renovating fun? I hope this week is better for you all! X

  3. Isn't that always the way with these old homes. What you plan and end up doing are completely different and very frustrating at times. You need a bit of hoo hah to make you feel slightly better. Lets hope next weekend puts a smile back on his face. ;-)

  4. Now that weekend sounds like it could be one taken from the books over here! When mr w gets cross we all scoot!

  5. Your hubby sounds just like mine.If I ever get to meet you I wil have to tell you the bucket story lol lol lol lol

  6. Oh dear, poor Jason. How come renovating always brings out the best in us? xx

  7. Poor Jason, but i couldn't help but think what mr rooney would have to say on the goings on. Something quite cutting but very witty I would guess. Xx katherine

  8. Deb said it! Hoo Hah is never good!

  9. oh CRAP..I'd like to see the second photo of the tin kicking though hehe

  10. Sometimes you just need to leave the scene of the crime for a week end! No roof, no rake, no paint tins.

  11. Next time Jason needs a little cheering - pop this on -

  12. Oh Sonia. That song is as bad as the pineapple omelette. How did I ever forget Agadoo? It'll be our new anthem! xx


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