Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Retro Matador Painting

I went to visit my parents and found an old Matador painting in their back room that was no longer wanted. 

I knew it was unwanted because it was lying on its side on a dusty bookshelf. My Mum was more than delighted to off-load it.

Retro 3D Matador painting

Isn't it a hoot? The 3D image of the Matador and bull is made from a hard plastic resin which has been painted "antiquey"gold. It is set on a red velvet covered board with an "antiquey" gold frame.

I've seen the same piece floating around on ebay and in vintage shops but they've been mostly painted in vibrant colours set on a linen background. We might just have the velvety moody version!

Another version of the same 3D art
It's deliciously 50s/60s. But you know, I just don't get why the whole bullfighting theme was so popular then? What would've prompted it?

It's probably akin to the Aztec phase that people went through in the 80s/90s? Yeah, the memory of Aztec fabric covered sofas is burnt into my visual memory for life.

Anyway, the new "art" has found a home in our study.

And on a completely different note, the exterior painting is progressing well. If the weather is kind to us on the weekend, we should be finished painting the weatherboards on this side of the house.

Sunroom side of the house is nearly finished. Awaiting a final coat of paint to the left of the orange door.


  1. Good choice in art work.

    I've also asked that question as to the prominence of Spanish bloodlust pieces in 60s interiors. I have no answer. Hemingway, do you think?

    I grew up living in a lounge room where that particular piece wouldn't have looked out of place.

    I love it as it is!

  2. It's pretty kooky isn't it? I wonder what that Neil Whittaker fellow would think if Katrina had borrowed it for one of her Block rooms. Super avant garde me thinks!

  3. That 'painting' will become even MORE valuable in the years to come - they are just about to ban bullfighting in Spain.

  4. Oh god, my aunty had a matador picture in her house which I remember from childhood. Don't understand either what the deal was with them. You house is looking fabulous, you must be so happy with it. Not so sows ear anymore!!! ;-)

  5. that picture is so bad it's good!
    don't remind me about those awful aztec couches, they're right up there with blue and brown as a lounge room decor style with offset fake long twirly sticks in a huge tall vase...*ugh*

  6. What an interesting find with the picture. The painting is really coming along. Fingers crossed the weather is kind to you this weekend. Ange

  7. The painting is coming up a treat! Your matador reminded me of a huge copper disc thing that my mum and dad purchased and hung on the wall during the seventies..and of the copper wallpaper we inherited in the first house we lived in..in Canberra. It was behind the stove and all the crevices were filled with fat..eeww!

  8. They are fun, perfect study art.

  9. Aztec phase. You are cruel bringing back such memories. Ok putting my fingers in my ears "la la la" can't hear you anymore.

  10. It seems all the cool people have a matador and bull in their home! Great find. Your parents obviously have style and panache.

  11. My primary school best friend had a house that was full of spanish decor. LOTS of rustic dark wood, big beams, white stucco walls, cow hides on the floor & a massive bullfighter picture by the bar, which was lit with red light bulbs. Makes me smile/smirk to think about it.
    I have seen a bullfighter picture cut in half & used as doors on a cabinet - it looked quirky & cool!

  12. Sounds like I took you down memory lane Mr BC!!xx


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