Monday, 14 November 2011

Goodies from ES Traders, Op-shops and Jo

Ipswich is the place to go for vintage shopping. It really is. Brisbane Street is just a treasure trove for thrifty op-shop-aholics.

Last week, Katherine, Jo and I just had a blast ferreting around the best vintage Ipswich had to offer. Obviously, I search for the retro 60s stuff but there are things from all eras if retro doesn't take your fancy.

Beswick Zorba coffee set  from the late 60s in olive green. This will go to a friend if she likes it.
A very brown retro pottery vase to add to my collection
I also bought a nice flammable frock, as I like a bit of Nana chic. I must be mindful not wear it near any naked flames just in case I combust. Pfooph!

It was found at The Vintage Advantage which is an excellent second-hand shop which sells vintage hats and clothes, art glass, kitchenalia and knick knacks from every conceivable era. The perfect shop to browse in with a couple of friends.

Retro Osti dress from The Vintage Advantage shop
It has an easy-access front zip feature that met with Jason's approval!
I also bought an horrendous 80s bridesmaid dress for an ugly bridesmaids get-together we are having soon for a friend who was recently married. Glen at The Vintage Advantage discounted it for me because it was extra ugly. I didn't take a photo of it as it would spoil the surprise for my other ugly bridesmaids.

Our coffee break was taken at the Bon Laneway Cafe in Ellenborough Street. Seriously good coffee in a "I can't believe this is in Ipswich" kind of way.

Single bulb light installation at Bon

Coffees on our milk crate tables
We also paid Kerrie a visit at ES Traders which is also on Ellenborough Street. She's just started her own blog about the shop and I spied some fantastic Japanese doll's heads among many other things. She has a fantastic selection of vintage and new which she has sourced from overseas and locally. It is worth a visit to Ipswich, just to see her shop.

Japanese doll's head and a sublime scented Gascoigne & King candle.
I should've bought another head to keep the other one company, so I will have to go back!
After our trip to the shops, Jo emptied out her cupboards in an effort to declutter and she fobbed off her goodies to Katherine and I. OMG! She is the best. She really is.

Some of the vintage goodies. Danish candle stick holders, Arabia, Midwinter coffee pot, Bing & Grondahl xmas plate, tribal tiki, faux Bitossi made in Japan! and an old church collection plate.
And there was much more which I haven't photographed.

So that was the fun day out in Ipswich!! 


  1. Looks like a great day out! The mere mention of the word Osti takes me back to when my nan was alive. She lived for navy Osti frocks! The good old days. Am looking forward to seeing the bridesmaid dress :)

  2. Anita, you make me want to drive out to Ipswich right now....pity I am in SA. Love your 'Osti', I have a flammable one also, love it, gives me a laugh when I wear it!

  3. stinking jealous. great haul, loving the osti. in that dress darl you might just spontaneously combust because you'll be so darn hot! xx

  4. Those candlestick holders are very nice and I love the light installation in that cafe, very achievable, I'm saving that pic...I'm thinking perfect in our new extension. Thanks.

  5. Gee your friend is generous. I used to have some Midwinter 'moon','earth' and 'sun' plates. And I have the green/yellow version of the fake Bitossi! Is that felt lining the bottom of the collection plate? So people couldn't hear how many coins you'd dropped in?

  6. A friend of my parents was an Osti manager or somesuch and gave us some gear to wear in the seventies. I was about 14. I remember wearing this purple top, and cream pants with a pair of brand new bright red patent leather clogs. Loved the clogs..wasn't rapt in the rest!! I had to wear it that day though just to please mum.

  7. OMG my mum had the same dress but in green. Mimi x

  8. Jo is very generous isn't she? I'd thought she must have run-out of stuff in the last giveaway!

    The coffee pot would be my favourite and Bitossi-san looks cool too.

    Who was wearing the sneakers? I like them. What fun you guys had.

  9. That would be me. My standard footwear when I'm not working. You won't believe it MMM-C but I still have cupboards that are groaning with crap. Honestly I need to open a shop or an etsy store except that would involve wrapping things and trips to the post office and my real talent lies in buying stuff not selling stuff :)

  10. Osti is a word I thought I might never hear again. I remember as a child having fake fashion parades and an Osti number was always on the catwalk.

  11. What a fabulous day. Love the dress. Already planning a trip to Ipswich :)

  12. I'm very taken with the idea of an Ugly Bridesmaids Party. When will someone invite me to one of those?

  13. If you ever tire of that dress ... I.WANT.IT!

  14. That set of shops is a golden triangle! I nearly went there last week on the pretence of seeing my Ippy sister but was trapped by sick kiddos. Would we have known each other? Op shop karma must have told me not to bother after your big day of thrifting. We ended up at a set of Northern ones today instead!

  15. sweet stash! i also am taken with the ugly bridesmaid party. that does sound like fun !!
    ps i totally enjoyed the link you posted on the bamileke masks
    ~laura xx

  16. Love those light fittings you spotted in the coffee shop - super stylish!

  17. Thanks for the terrific posts on 'The Switch'!
    I've heard rumours of the treasures to be found there but have yet to take the plunge. Will most definitely make a trip now! ES Trading looks worth the drive alone..! xx

  18. Love the dress! very vintage missoni. I was going to say something about spontaneous combustion but jules@thediversionproject beat me to it.

  19. Thanks so much for all your comments.

    The dress is a cracker and I've already worn it to a BBQ. I made sure not to stand to close to the BBQ.

    Mimi, your Mum is a woman after my own heart. Does she still have the dress?

    Thanks again Jo. xx

  20. Sounds like a great day. That osti dress is devine!

  21. loving the frock - too cool for school :) le xox


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