Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Cool Tarragindi house

Well, this is the final house on the mid-century interiors tour of Brisbane.

This last house was absolutely lovely and had such a great family feel to it. It was actually a house I had admired when it was on the market earlier this year. I liked it so much that I saved one of the images on Pinterest. I had no idea that it was one of the tour houses.

It is located in the southside suburb of Tarragindi, which is about seven kilometres from the CBD. The four bedroom house was designed by Ron Petersen between 1968 to 1970. It is in a cul-de-sac which backs onto Toohey Forest. You can't see the house from the street as it is set back into its bush setting; you must negotiate a green leafy path before you reach the home. The swimming pool is one of the first things you notice as you reach the front door.

I didn't take any photos of this house - too sick with envy to even get my camera out of its bag! Chris from Brisbane Modern Magazine kindly sent me some photos and I took a few from a real estate website for your viewing pleasure.

This is the dining and living area. The dining room is slightly elevated from the sitting room.

A closer look at the living area
This is the photo of the interior when it was on the market. One that I had saved on Pinterest.
You can see that this area flows out into a courtyard
The house had a number of different levels which delineated the spaces. For example, the bedrooms were found in a separate wing of the home, slightly elevated from the main part of the house. It was incredibly cosy for a mid-century house.

This shot was taken from where the bedrooms are located.
Notice the high louvre windows which allow the cool breezes to flow through the house.

This is the afternoon tea that the lovely owners provided to their house tourists.
You can't see it, but to the left of this shot there is a glass roofed courtyard - an amazing outdoor room indoors!
To the right of this shot is a very functional galley kitchen.

This exterior shot of the house was taken from a real estate website
It shows the tiered roof line and also the court yards.
The one at the front flow from the kitchen, the one on the back left flows from the living room
 I hope you enjoyed the tour! 


  1. I'm not even into mid-century interiors but this is really lovely.

  2. By star-sign, I am highly critical and judgmental.


    It does look homely. I think I could be friends with these people. Do they need more friends?

  3. This is a very cool house. I even love the exterior. Thanks for this fab series of posts. Great idea. xx

  4. Now to me, that house just looks like all the worst hotels I have ever stayed in - including the breakfast room with the horrible cups and saucers laid out. Maybe it's a generation thing.

  5. Oh wow, I've never seen that era used so well. Cool vintage! Rachaelxx

  6. Tom, Tom, Tom. You're always in the back of my mind when I write a post like this. It's not a house that everyone would like. Also, this house was very hard to photograph and I assure you the photos don't do it justice at all. It is much better in person.

    The cups and saucers? Well that is a generational thing. The couple who own the house are young. xx

  7. Love the cups & saucers. Great house, the owners have done a fantastic job. KP

  8. Very nice indeed. This was a totally new look to me until I started reading about your own house, but now I see where you're going and that you are Not Alone. The chairs are particularly good (you have very similar ones) - so light and graceful compared with bulky sofas. And the outside shot is lovely - it looks full of adventure!

  9. I'm afraid I know zilch about mid-century style but I love love love the outside in that last shot. Quite fancy the cups and saucers too, and that morning tea looks very tempting. Off to make a cuppa now...

  10. I like your house better, but I do feel the urge for a cup of tea~

  11. I do love house tours - I always think that the people who open their homes up for a charity tour are being so generous to allow lots of nosey people like myself through!
    These midcentury places are amazing - right down to all the coffee cups.
    Amanda xx

    P.S Chandelier looks fantastic. I'm sure all will be well this time.

  12. Okay, so the house is pretty nice but what about the stuff in it!!! Those chairs, the coffee cups and even those paintings. Like a little slice of mid century frozen moment!

  13. That's a very nice house, I love those bookshelves its the one that struck me the most, I always love to have a library on my house.


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