Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Hose reels and holders

Yep, we're tackling all the big reno jobs around here. Not.

But let me remind you that it is the little things which finish off a home and in our case make it that little more silken purse. Untidy hoses be gone!

And hose reels and holders could not be more unattractive in this great nation of ours. To find something that will just be sturdy and unobtrusive is tricky business.

We didn't opt for the plastic retractable hose reel which seemed too hardcore for us... as hosers who dabble in only occasional watering...

This was what we ended up with. It was cheap (under $10) and easy (from the local hardware) and unfortunately heritage green...

white hose holder

But it is white. How can that be? A trusty can of white spray enamel solves the heritage green issues. At least they kind of disappear against the white weatherboards we have at the Sow's Ear. Functional and no nonsense is what we like.

From this:

To this

This hose holder is on the other side of the house.

And for the front we went fancy pants...extra scroll work equals $3 extra dollars...

white scroll hose holder
But if I had all the money in the world and lived in the US, I probably would've opted for this pineapple hose holder...


  1. I like this idea anita. I hate those stupid plastic winders that never work and are a haven for every spider in a ten mile radius. Good work

  2. Ooh, la-di-da. Look at you and your fancy hose holder ;-) In all seriousness, it looks great, blends in perfectly. We've got one of the heavy duty plastic ones. Ugly as sin. Next job: spray painting your hose to match?

  3. Perfect. I have to wonder why the manufacturers of these products still haven't yet worked out that heritage green is so, well, yesterday? Hope I can find one in black, ha. xx

  4. Ha ha! Yes I was looking for attractive hoses too but green and blue seemed the most affordable for cheapskate me. Extra dollars are needed for the more attractive grey ones...for those into hardcore hosing. xx

  5. I have a confession. It has always been a dream of mine to have a hose reel/holder situation happening. I've always wrapped the hose around the tap. Annoys me no end. Especially when you have a 30 metre hose to contend with.

    TDM xx

  6. TDM you need to put it on your Santa list! xx

  7. I like it! I absolutely hate rolling up hose, I prefer to leave it laying around looking messy. It drives Lyn nuts! It is just the most tedious job :)

  8. Now you just have to deal with the heritage green hose itself! Grey sounds nice. Maybe that can be a Christmas idea for the always difficult to buy for man of the house! Do they do a hi vis hose

  9. Right, seeing this new hose reels are a must for our place! :)


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