Monday, 19 November 2012

Recycling old stepping stones

We were going to buy new stepping stones as part of that outdoor turfing project that we are planning...but changed our mind when we realised we had a stash of square concrete steppers under the mango tree in the backyard!

The steppers are fairly basic - they should do the trick and save us some dollars. In their previous location, they formed a small path around the tree and were always covered up with leaves, being of no real benefit in that spot.

Relocated square concrete stepping stones.
We are not afraid to share the ugly in progress reno shots. 
We spent most of the stormy Brisbane weekend tackling small achievable tasks between the rain deluges and lightning strikes. We were very fortunate not to have the hail and the destructive winds experienced in other parts of Brisbane.

Jason finished painting the valances very early on Saturday morning before the first super cell storm hit. Lucky it was touch dry or else there would have been ugly crying tears.

The small valances on either side of the Sow's Ear are completely finished.
This shot is taken from the master bedroom window.

Early Sunday morning, we did some yard maintenance - emptying the compost bin and spreading the contents around the native lilypillies, fertilising all the plants, weeding and relocating the stepping stones to near our side stairs and getting them into position. We'll hopefully be able to get some turf delivered this coming weekend.

This last photo was taken when another massive storm hit late Sunday afternoon. A lot of rain in a short amount of time, meant those stepping stones were going to get a nice mud bath! Boo!

Water pooling near the stairs. Fortunately the water didn't get under the house.
We have a down-pipe that has been fitted in a poor location causing this rush of water when there is a big storm - another job to put on the wish list.


  1. It's always so nice to realize that you have something to use that will save you money. A friend of mine took a bunch of old stepping stones like that and created mosaic designs on them with pieces of broken thrift store dishes. I'm not sure I'd have the patience to do that, but they were very cool.

  2. Hi, Thank goodness the paint was dry! I would've cried too. Tell me, what turf variety have you chosen? xx

  3. We've taken to buying seconds when we need a few pavers. They are usually perfect but dirty. So he gets to play with his gurney for a while...double win!
    That rain was a bit exciting!

  4. It was a doozy of a storm, wasn't it? We were out in the car and pulled over to wait it out, thought the car was going to blow away for a minute xx

  5. Just as well Jason got the painting done early! The stepping stones look fine..older ones have the right patina and look that new ones have to take time to develop.

  6. We are reusing some old pavers for the chicken coup! Being thrifty, is the way forward! :)

  7. Glad you didn't have any damage from the storms.
    don't you love it when you can reuse something and save money. The pavers will look great there:)

  8. Why do we have mango trees anyway,the rain drops the fruit and everything is always covered in leaves.We are being mango-bombed at the moment.The stepping stones look great and are FREE!


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