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More Queenslander House Renovation Blogs

I thought it was time to update my list of Queenslander house renovation blogs for all of the house blogger junkies out there.

There have been quite a few home reno blogs which have cropped up on my radar since my first list back in January 2011. Sadly, not all of the blogs on the original list are updated regularly...they've either finished (super-efficient!) or done the bulk of the work; have changed circumstances or changed blogging direction; or have just lost interest in blogging altogether... Check out the original list HERE

Queenslander in Stones Corner

Never fear though, some on that list are still going strong such as Crazy House Capers (this couple are the DIY champs. Love their hard work ethic) and Bungalow Bliss (they are about to start some major work soon) and we're still around too...plugging away at it. Nostalgia and Now and Spots and Stripes are two blogs in the midst of renovating as well.

Stones Corner Queenslander with enclosed front verandah and Roman columns. Bless!

So, in no particular order let me introduce you to some cool Queenslander reno blogs for your consideration.

West End Cottage
Caroline and her family (hubby and four boys! She would be hero-worshipped in certain countries) are finalising plans for an architectural designed renovation on their teeny tiny cottage located in West End. It's going to be a fabulous renovation going on the concept plans which Caroline has been sharing on her blog. It's interesting following the process of finalising the designs and the compromises which are made to meet their budget. Award winning OwenVokesPeters are the architects they are working with, so this should be a very chic and well-considered renovation. They hope to begin building in 2013...

Hudson's House
This is a very new-to-me blog which I discovered a few months ago. You have to start from the beginning to see the before shots of the 1930s Queenslander which had a very distinctive 1970s breeze block façade.  The 70s had a lot to answer for with these poor old Queenslander homes! Anyway, it is almost unrecognisable now after lots of hard-core work. They have kick-ass valances too.

The Old Post Office
This blog's author Edwina has been kicking around the blogosphere for a long time but in just the past few weeks she started a  new blog about renovating two very run-down Queenslanders(an old post office and a cottage)  in the country. They currently have the properties under contract (I hope I haven't jinxed them...). Edwina and her family are escaping the big smoke (it's relative, right?) of Brisbane to live the dream. They have their work ahead of them and I can't wait to read their adventures.

We could, We should, We wood renovate
Clarissa writes about a major extension to an inner-city Queenslander that she and her hubby are managing. There has been a lot of activity on their house this month, so check it out and enjoy the progress shots. Clarissa also works for Timber Qld so has a lot of knowledge that might be useful.

Rachel's extremely eventually bit by bit renovation
Rachel and her hubby have been renovating their 'Queenslander' in Northern NSW for the past five years and this blog chronicles the work they have done to their home. They completed their kitchen renovation this year.  The bog is updated only now and then but it is worth checking out to read about all the things this interesting couple get up to.

A House in Auchenflower
This little gem of a blog is updated sporadically and is not a typical renovation blog. It delves into the history of the 100 year old home, Clovelly, and is more about restoring many of the original architectural features. It is very well researched and a good read for those interested in keeping intact the integrity of the Queenslander home.

There you have it. If I have left anyone out inadvertently let me know and I can update the list. 


  1. Thanks for this info. I miss Brisbane so much so I'll put these blogs in my blog roll. I'd love to renovate a Queenslander. Down here the most common houses people buy to renovate apart from federation styles are the Californian bungalows. I would love to renovate an Art Deco style house in Melbourne, that would be amazing ! Mxxx

  2. Thanks for mentioning me! Gotta get better at posting...

  3. OMG I feel famous! thanks for the mention - I must get cracking on a before and after photo tab xxx

  4. Thanks for listing these. I'm fascinated by your home, and these blogs should educate me further on Queenslanders. Any kind of renovation fascinates me, but this is completely new to me, and I love learning about it.

  5. Thanks for the recommendation Brismod - what a great collection of interesting reads. Who has time for TV nowadays??

  6. Thanks for the plug Brismod! It was in fact your blog (and blogroll) that got me started and linked up with likeminded folk who are also sharing their reno journeys. I love reading house renovation blogs (particularly those that involve Queenslander houses) even if we don't all share the same design/decorating style. xx

  7. Thanks for the mention! God, I hope we get this place now, the contract is due to go unconditional today... Might be a short-lived blog otherwise! xxx

  8. Hi Brismod, with 7 weeks until Christmas, it's a frenzy around here. We're moving in prior to Christmas with or without the kitchen, electricity or driveway. Santa will just have to land the reindeers on the roof. I'll post some photos later this week.

  9. Really interesting blogs - thanks for the recommendations.

  10. Takk for omtale! Gud, jeg håper vi får dette stedet nå, er kontrakten grunn til å gå ubetinget dag ... Kan være en kortvarig blogg ellers


  11. Thnak godness we have you to find all the new blogs for us. They all look so interesting esp. The old post office. Now I just have to work out how to follow?

  12. Thanks for including us (again) even though it is still all talk and no action over here! I am so enjoying everyone on this list already, so inspiring and like Caroline said even though we are all different in our styles, our love of our old girls shines through. We have one quote back, two pending, so far looking good, engineering next week,possible start in Feb. mel x

  13. This looks like some fun reading..thanks and see you later..I'm off to find them!

  14. Great list! I love our unique homes in Brisbane!!

  15. Hi, thanks for sharing nice information with us.

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  16. Love reading everyones renovation blogs, about to start my own project http://ashbyproject.blogspot.com.au/

  17. Nice list, so local. I walk past the Roman inspired Q'lander most afternoons with my Pug.

  18. Hi, I just wanted to introduce myself as a new QLDer owner :) We just moved an old farm house to our property near Kingaroy. Its nowhere near as fancy as a city QLDer, but still lovely. We don't have to do much to it, just a tidy up and all the council requirements. I've written a little about it on my blog (which is mostly about small farming really). Its great to be able to see what other people do with there houses :) Cheers, Liz


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