Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Dinky window reveal

That dinky little window in the bathroom is now finished. I probably shouldn't keep calling it that, because it doesn't look dinky at all now it has been primed and has a couple of coats of gloss white.

Single-pane casement window with chrome casement stays and handle

It's a major improvement to what was there.

The old window which was just odd bits of louvre glass which could not open or close.

Dirty little window

Having the window custom made was a good experience for us, especially as we have mostly worked with salvaged joinery. It is so much easier fitting something new than the old stuff according to Jason. It just slotted into position, as it should.

The little window cost $135 not including the fittings. And it is another small project we can tick off our list.


  1. The new window looks spectacular. I love the glass you chose, as well as the hardware. Good job, you two!

  2. I love your not-so-dinky-anymore bathroom window. Such a little but big change. It's just so perfect.

  3. Perfect! ...iittala glass?

  4. Looks great! And like it was always meant to be there!

  5. It's beautiful, not to mention it looks like it has always been there :o)

  6. Definitely worth the price. It looks good too!

  7. Love the window, you guys must be nearly at the end of your reno travels by now? So nice to tick a few of those small annoying jobs off the list. How is the bathroom holding up? mel x

    1. Thanks Mel...yes, we're nearing the end, although we do have quite a few of those small jobs and then the dreaded maintenance! xx

  8. Looks lubly. Isn't a shame the new stuff is cheaper and easier than the old? At least it looks like it was always there more than it's predecessor.

    Jennifer xx


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