Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Rainy long weekend

What a wet horrible long weekend we had!

Fortunately for us, it was mostly spent indoors listening to ABC Classic FM's countdown of the top 100 movie scores. Ha! Yes, we are super-geeky.

The boys were listening with us when it came to the last three in the countdown...LOTR, Star Wars, and The Mission
We felt like we were back in the days before TV with the whole family gathered around the radio. The boys were thrilled when the music for Lord of the Rings and Star Wars made it into the last three. They sat there enthralled, as they love these movies. The fabulous music from The Mission was number one.

A well-covered Jason fitting the new bathroom window

And it wasn't all music and movies at the Sow's Ear. Jason fitted the little window in the bathroom...and it looks excellent. The weather was too wet for painting, so the window will come out again next weekend. We're hoping for a few days of good sunshine to paint and finish that little project off.


  1. Damn! I missed this plus Triple J's Hottest 100 (the past 20 years)!!! I wouldn't have known which station to listen to. Oh well ...
    We were meant to have a long weekend of finally painting the front fence but the weather put an end to that here too.

    1. What a shame you missed it!! It was the perfect weather in Brissy to mooch around and listen to music....although I hope it's sunny this weekend! xx

  2. I love hearing that you spent the whole weekend as a family enjoying your music countdown..fantastic to be able to remember this weekend like this. Love the window too!

  3. We too spent most of the weekend inside, what a washout alright. Glad to hear Jason dragged himself away from the toilet bowl, ha.


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