Saturday, 7 November 2009

Bi-fold windows

I had very little idea  about what we would do with the windows for the kitchen.

We were originally planning to leave the old casement windows but I liked the idea of bi-fold windows opening onto a servery on the back deck.

My main concern was whether we could get windows to match the same hopscotch profile of our other windows. I didn't want another set of different profile windows in the Sow's Ear.

I also didn't want them to look too out-of -place in an old Queenslander house and I was afraid they would look kind of cheap.

Jason wasn't terribly helpful because he wasn't keen on the bi-fold window idea at all, for exactly the same reason. So he was left out of the discussions...

Anyway, the point of this post is there wasn't a lot of information about how the bi-fold windows would look on an older home and how they would work. I'm a very visual person and a more personal account would have been helpful.

So, here is the low down. We had the windows custom made and it took approximately six weeks from when we ordered them. They came in one piece (frame and all), it is made from hardwood (can't remember which type, sorry!), all the locks, hinges and handles were already integrated therefore it was just a matter of fitting the entire frame into the space.

Windows are partially opened - integrated bi-fold locks

Bi-fold hinges

bi-fold track

View of closed bi-fold from the back deck.

The windows also came unpainted. Jason was so over painting when it came to the window that we decided to just give it a coat of oil. The jury is still out as to whether it stays like this or gets a coat of gloss white. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated...We will also be re-painting the exterior of the house, so the cream colour weatherboards will change eventually. Not sure what yet...

Before shot - vale to the old windows

I'm enjoying the windows particularly when we entertain - I'm still part of the hum of conversation when I am slaving away at the sink!


  1. They look fantastic! It really is worth the extra money to get them custom made isn't it!
    Do you have to paint them now? Can you wait until the exterior of the house is painted and then decide what to do? They look lovely right now though, I think.
    Best wishes, Natasha.

  2. I think they look fantstic!! my brain is going back and forth on the painting thing though. The timber does look lovely but if the rest of the windows are painted then I think I would tend towards paint as it would make a new window look more like an original feature, if you know what I mean, but the natural look might look good if you have similar tones on your decking floor or furniture etc. I agree with Natasha maybe its a low priority wait and see project. Cheers Katherine

  3. Hi Anita! Oooh.. These are really pretty! What a beautiful job! I agree with the other Gals Anita.. I would wait till you paint the exterior & then decide.. I think the oil treatment Jason did has such a richness about it! I think it looks Great!
    Blessings ~ Teresa

  4. Hi, This old home will reward you tenfold when finished, enjoy the experience. Your new windows match the house okay but will need painting later to fit in with the house style. Oil seems to wear off quickly and needs re-applying too often. I hope you know how to "secret nail" the VJs :)

  5. Thanks for the feedback everyone - it helps to get impartial thoughts on these things. I think that we will paint them in the long run. We'll just give Jason a break for now - don't want to over work the poor dear!
    Thanks John for stopping by and your comments. I liked reading about your old Qlder.

  6. I love the look of natural wood so i wouldn't paint. i am looking for the exact same thing to do in my house. i can't find anything except very expensve options. Can you tell me where you ordered from?


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