Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Where we came from

I was looking at some of the photos of our old home this morning. I took a few parting snaps on the last day after I had given it a final clean.

Exterior of old Qld Housing Commission home. It was painted white with contrasting light grey trim.

It was a 1950s former Queensland Housing Commission home  (subsidised public housing) in a cul de sac next to a  bush reserve. It was a typical weatherboard home of that period with fibro internal walls, hardwood floors, timber casement windows and tin roof. The home had been transformed a few times with the addition of a sunroom, deck and extra bedroom - unfortunately, it was these additions which required attention because they had been built badly.

Kitchen - it was mostly original 1950s cabinets and sink. It was ultra cute.

The hallway to the bedrooms

View from front entry


It was getting to the stage where we would have to spend big dollars on the house for a major building renovation (like move out for a few months because of all that asbestos) or finding a new house. We were getting plans done when Jason found the Sow's Ear (which is in a slightly (just) better area) and fell in love...

Although our old home was not grand, it did have such a homely feel and I have fond memories of that place. We had the most wonderful neighbour whom I miss greatly. (Our closest neighbour now is the Boo Radley house and no one lives there...I think...).

We also had a crazy alcoholic Rumanian dude across the road who would periodically knock himself out on cheap plonk while cooking chips on the stove...the number of times we had to drag him out of that smoke filled house...Well, I don't miss him at all!


  1. It's nice to look and back and see how far we've come isn't it. I am sure you created some lovely memories in that cute old house but I am sure those same kinds of moments, and even better memories, will be created in your gorgeous home now.
    Hope the hot weather isn't too awful for you!
    Best wishes, Natasha.

  2. And one day you'll be able to look back at your old posts and s how far you've come with the Sow's Ear!
    Love those shiny wooden floors! Interesting ex neighbour?!?!?

  3. Thanks Natasha and Ange - I hope so too.

  4. What a beautiful house... I especially love the shiny wood floors!

  5. We also have a Boo Radley house! It's two doors down, they have a plastic, light-up reindeer in their yard year round, a forest of weeds and a giant Chow that roams the neighborhood looking sad.

  6. Lovely house! I love the floor and the kitchen looks great. I am sure wou will have many great moments in your new home, too!

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  8. That is one adorable House Anita! Those floors are beautiful! I'm sure it was hard to leave! My elderly neighbors across the street have moved.. So I know what that feels like..:( LOL on that Romanian dude! I wonder if he has survived since you moved?

    You guys have done such a Beautiful job on the Sow's ear!!
    Hope you guys are having a great week!
    Blessings ~ Teresa


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