Sunday, 8 November 2009


I need a nicer pot.

I do like the Mother-in-law's Tongue, though.

(As an aside my butterfly chair was bought a couple of years ago on eBay from Katherine at theold boathouse. She is now one of my blogging friends.)


  1. That's a lovely vignette Anita...I do agree, a nice pot would complete the picture. You'll have to get Katherine to keep an eye out for one for you :o)

  2. What a beautiful scene! I love the chair , I love the marimekko wall decor and I love the plant! A nice pot would make it even more wonderful!

  3. And I love your floor boards! Great noxious weed you have in your house ;-) In any case, I must remember to remind my mother in law to see if she can get one over here !!! I not so long ago got rid of a jardinière which is a bit of a bugger (think my previous comment got lost in great blog oblivion) Angexxx

  4. Arn't you lovely for giving me a shout out. The chair looks great, is that the original cover? sorry I have not commented sooner I must have missed the post originally, cheers Katherine


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