Monday, 2 November 2009

Bold as

I like chrome, Jason likes brass.

I expressed my wishes, but still the polished brass (and plate brass) is infiltrating the Sow's Ear at an alarming rate.

Polished brass handle on side kitchen window

Polished brass catch for the linen cupboard

Polished brass window stay

Magnetic plate brass door stop

Plate brass dead lock on front lattice door

I officially give up.

This Christmas there will be a tube of Brasso in Jason's stocking.


  1. For what it's worth, the brass looks good... I mean, OBVIOUSLY not as good as chrome would look, but still good.

  2. I think you are losing the battle of the metals-Sorry.
    I like the idea of brasso for Christmas-just make sure he doesn't give you a tube of Silvo in return!
    Best wishes, NM.

  3. I must be v ignorant but what is chrome? Do you mean the more silvery one? I wouldn't worry I think the brass looks good. We had all our brass locks, clasps etc 'silvered' when we moved in, still looks good but could have stayed brass too! xoxo

  4. While I'm with you on the chrome, I don't mind as long as all the door and window 'furniture' in a room matches. I can't BEAR it when it's all different! (I might add, I'm a hypocrite - all of my door handles are current a mis-match!)

    You have a great blog, by the way, I'll be back x

  5. I like chrome too but the brass looks great - you must be a hot shot at photography then!!! Make sure you get him polishing (maybe he'll change his mind) You can also paint brass with white acrylic paint and 'distress' it!!!


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