Sunday, 1 November 2009

Diversionary weekend

I am very hard on the Sow's Ear but after a nice long weekend away, I can officially say that I missed the old place (for those not in the know, I'm not particularly fond of our house).

We went camping with some friends in Brunswick Heads which is on the coast of Northern NSW. It was our first family mini-holiday since we moved here in May.  We had a mixed bag of weather - hot and sunny, cold and wet, windy and stormy - which made it hilariously memorable. All in all, we had a good chin-wag and lots of fun with some great friends.

The Chateau with decorative shoe feature to prevent wild children and absent-minded adults tripping

Fishing for flathead on the Brunswick River

Camping truly makes you appreciate the creature comforts that four solid walls provide...especially during inclement weather.
Now we are back home. It's nice to be back to the little piggy.


  1. I particularly like the 'Shoe Fixture' at your chateau!!! I love adventure racing - partly because it makes my cashmere dresses seem all the more silky afterwards! How come your French is so wonderful??? Ange

  2. That would be from the Tahitian mother and French-speaking Italian father. But sadly my language skills are not so wonderful - not too many opportunities to speak it on a daily basis in Brisvegas. I do enjoy reading your posts in French - not a chore to read at all. And how does a Kiwi chick find herself in the south of France?


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