Saturday, 28 November 2009


The believers in the household have made their written requests. We posted them yesterday.

Letters to Santa

So sweet and innocent. However, the contents of these simple white envelopes reveal requests for WMDs (weapons of mass destruction aka Star Wars clone guns).  Oh the contradictions of life!

Do you ever wonder, like me, how many of these clog up the global mail system? Next year we might email.


  1. Clog up? Compared to all the catalogs and unwanted offers?
    And children do have both sweet and vicious sides. For at least 15 years I have saved a note from one of my sons to the Tooth Fairy, in which he threatened to sue her. (He's grown up to be a kind and thoughtful gentlemen, in spite of this.)

  2. Yes, anonymous, the catalogues are very bad. Glad to hear your son has turned out well after threatening the tooth fairy. That's my hope for our boys.

  3. My brothers and I used to burn our letters to Santa, the idea being that the ashes would float up in the smoke into the atmosphere and be put back together by Santa at the North Pole. Nowadays of coarse there is fire restrictions and environmental considerations, lol, cheers Katherine

  4. You guys had imagination and easy-going parents!!

  5. This has made me think about my own childhood ideas of Santa, and boy, was I a cynic! No letters to a nonexistent Santa from me. Mind you, it probably didn't help having older siblings giving me the heads-up on the whole deal.
    By the way Anita, your children have lovely, neat handwriting.

  6. Thanks Ange, I'll pass on the compliment. I was never encouraged to do the letter thing when I was a kid. I'd say because my parents were never going to buy the stuff on my list...

  7. I love the letters! How cute are your little believers! We also post letters but we also email and we write an extra note on Christmas eve that is always placed next to the fruit mince pie and carrots for the reindeer. We also fill out the questionaire on North to see if we are on the naughty or nice list! Can you tell we LOVE Christmas!
    Happy Weekend (if you can handle this stinking hot weather), Natasha.
    PS Your wreath is divine!

  8. Thanks Natasha. You DO love Christmas!! We will have to check out One year someone gaves us a small pack of oats with glitter to scatter on the lawn for the reindeer. Very effective!

  9. So cute! My son would like send the message in a bottle :-) I tried to explain him how the modern post works, but he insists on his own way...


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