Sunday, 8 November 2009

Potting about

Mother-in-law's Tongue plants are a noxious weed in Brisbane. It used to get dumped in and around the Brisbane River and bush areas when people were re-doing their gardens. As these West African natives grow for nothing, they suffocated the native flora.

Now that I have given them such a bad rap...

Today, I 'm going to dig them up and put them in a pot for the front entry (we have quite a bit growing in our yard).

I don't mind the look of the old plant. There is something structurally striking in the way they grow. I guess, you are either a fan or not. I am, but I do prefer them to be indoors rather than out.
And we need hardy greenery that can survive my black thumb...even if it is a weed!


  1. Hi,I agree, pots are best. I have some indoors in a retro german pottery vase just growing in water. It is very effective and you can mix a few flowers real or artificial with them from time to time to change it up, cheers Katherine

  2. Hi Katherine. I like the idea of the retro pottery vase. Who knew they just grew in water? I'd also like to get my hands on an old jardiniere. For the moment they're in a el cheapo black pot.xx

  3. I don't think I've ever seen them growing wild. I just received one in a pot as a housewarming gift and of all the plants I received, it is my favorite. It's so easy and with such clean lines. And I love the name.


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