Saturday, 21 November 2009

It's beginning to

feel a lot like Christmas because it has been so hot and humid around here.

And I also succumbed to the nagging of little ones and dug out the Christmas decorations. I let the boys decorate the tree. There are a lot of decorations on the same branch and clusters of gold baubles in the one area. We really do have a lot of daggy stuff on that plastic tribute to pine. The boys are happy with it, which is the main thing.

Notice the cluster of gold baubles

I am happy that I sneaked a little bit of Danish into the Christmas decor. Some stainless steel angels dangling from some twigs on the dining table is my contribution.

Four stainless steel Georg Jensen archangels on some tree branches found from our backyard.


  1. I love the tree-Your little cherubs have done a wonderful job decorating it!Your arrangement is very stylish too-how nice are those angels!!!
    We are off to our first party of the season today...Christmas fun has begun! Now if the temps could go down just a little I would be blissfully happy!
    Enjoy the weekend, Natasha.

  2. Does it ever bother you that half the planet has decided that this holiday will be decorated with images that are seasonally inappropriate for the other half?

    I'm not saying you should be as bitter as that sentence sounds, but I am always weirded out by street decorations in Beverly Hills that include snowmen and giant snowflakes hanging from street lamps.

    btw - I love your twigs and angels.

  3. I wouldn't say it bothered me...but it is hard to get excited about wintry images when it is bush fire season. Needless to say I don't do faux snow - just faux pine tree! It is the inappropriate food that annoys me. Hot roast dinners and rich plum puddings on Christmas day in the middle of summer does not compute.


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