Monday, 25 January 2010

Retro telephone table

What does one do with an old telephone table? We were given the table when Jason's Nana moved last year and we have been at a loss as to what to do with it.

We brought it up from downstairs where it has been languishing. It's now in the lounge room considerately hiding some TV cords for us.

It is cute and it certainly fits in with the rest of our furniture. The cream vinyl upholstered seat is looking pretty tired but I'd like to recover it with something different.

Any suggestions?


  1. This is a challenge! And if my memory serves me correctly, not very comfortable on the rear end either. I think we all need to take this on as a 'project' to help a fellow Blog chum in need!
    Millie ^_^
    P.S. No offence to Jason's Nana of course.

  2. what about taking the top square bit off (which looks awkward and in any event way to big for a phone to sit on or in) and doing a new long flat cushion and cushion cover and then it will be just a low bench seat even across the top. The wood may or may not need to be repainted \ polished, depending on what colour it really is. xo

  3. The seat doesn't seem like it would be comfy for any adult. What if you let your littlest straddle it and use it as an art desk, keeping his supplies in the nook? It will need refinishing or painting. If I were painting it, I'd go with a glossy royal blue or a teal, just 'cause I love those colors and they'll show off well against your fresh white.

  4. Sand abnd paint it whatever colour you like....then
    1. Thought of taking of the padded seat section and using it as a stand for your stereo?

    Or 2. as Jane suggested. Take off the cabinet section and make a nice long cushion for the top.

    Or 3. Sand and paint it white, make a really nice cushion to replace the white vinyl one and use it as a telephone table. Painting it white will help it disappear, while still looking nice.
    Good luck

  5. I'd paint it ivory white and redo the cushion in a gala floral fabric for impact. It's a nice and interesting piece of furniture (or will be!)

  6. Looks like it would store electronic chargers well.

    I'd paint it a fun color!

  7. Hi Anita! I love that long bench idea! Maybe you could then use the box on the end for another use.. Mount on the wall to hold towels in the bath... Or for some other storage.. Painting it white sounds really great too! Cant wait to see what you decide!

    Happy Australia Day To all Of You!!

    Big Hugs ~ Teresa


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