Sunday, 31 January 2010


A knock on the door was all it took to seal the fate of the loquat tree.

Our neighbour (not Boo, our other neighbour) had asked us to do something about our loquat tree just after Christmas. It borders our common fence line and the tree had grown rather unruly.

The tree's branches hung over quite substantially onto the neighbour's property, blocking her gutters. It was also too close for comfort to our house, dwarfing it even. Truthfully, it would suit us just as well to have the tree removed completely.

I was planning to get quotes but was putting it off because I knew it was going to blow out the money put aside for groovy light fittings...

Yesterday, some enterprising tree loppers were in the area on another job and were door knocking our street to see if there were any trees which needed lopping.

"Well, yes. We do have a tree you can look at," I offered.

I hate organising quotes for work done around the house - the easier the process, the better, I say. The price TJ the tree lopper quoted was fair and with a hand-shake it was a deal.

Two and a half hours later with the assistance of five Samoan tree loppers and a 10 litre water cooler esky full of red cordial, the tree was no longer.

Now, we can see more sky.

p.s. We are planning to replace the loquat with a suitable native.


  1. Looks great! I need to find a tree trimmer this year as well. Every time it's windy, my big oak tree (over 100 years old) loses branches all over my lawn. Just waiting for income tax refund! That will be nice if someone just comes and knocks on my door, I too hate calling around for quotes.

  2. I guess it feels a bit bare in that spot now Anita. It's lovely to see more of the sky though. I am sitting here waiting for a tree lopper to arrive and do some work before I pop into the mall...he's running a little late:-/

  3. The proof that red cordial causes hyper activity...

  4. what a pity! don;t you know that loquats slow roasted with honey are just wonderful!

  5. Not so much of a pity, as they were usually eaten by the possums and flying foxes before we got to them. The tree was too high and in the wrong spot to be able to pick them.

    Anyway, our neighbour has a loquat tree which overhangs into our yard and it is the perfect height to pick them off the tree. I'll try your recipe suggestion when they produce fruit again. xx


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