Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Oh ugly lamp, can you be transformed?

I know there is good in you. Surely?

Organic texture - looks like twigs and tree matter was used in this lamp shade's construction.

Provenance: acquired via my parents via a Brisbane flea market circa 1980. Perhaps it a late 60s early 70s lamp?

To my knowledge, it has never been used in the time it has lived at my parent's. It has been sitting in a back room with a plastic bag over its head. Chronic hoarder disorder there.

The lamp still works by the way.

My Mum was elated when I showed it some attention and was more so when I brought it home with me this afternoon. We need a lamp - mood lighting is non-existant and candles aren't an option with the little destructo (son number three) who resides here.

What to do? What to do?

Ditch the shade?
Buy a new shade?
Paint the base?
Refinish the base?
Recover the shade?
Paint the shade?
Leave it in all its retro glory?
Ditch the whole thing and get myself a new lamp?

I'd be interested to know what you think.


  1. I think it's a fine lamp, of elegant proportions, but a bit too brown. I'd paint the base (cream? a light lime green?) and try again with the same shade, and if still too brown maybe dye the shade (is that possible) to retain the organic look?

  2. Hi love the shade texture. I would definetly do a new base as its too short for the shade. I would be cheaky and take the shade into Target and try and match up a nice base, they have a great selection. You may not have to touch the shade if you get the base right. Otherwise yes I would paint the shade white and then slightly rub back with a light sandpaper so the texture comes through. Otherwise just give it to me and I'll do it for you.
    Sandy x

  3. Its hard to tell with the proportions but I agree it may be too short for the base. If you get a higher base (op shop would probably have some) and a new shade then you will end up with two lampshades!! The base needs painting.

    I have recently done two new lampshades, just got some fabric, cut out a template and used fabric glue (in a spray can) to glue fabric on. But yes I can see if you paint the shade white that could be pretty good.

    Lots of options. xoxo

  4. Well -seems you've got the best suggestions there already!!

  5. I don't know I think I might love it... The shade is wonderful,even better that it has been kept under plastic, so it is still nice and fresh. I think a new base may be the go cause it is a funny shape for the top,almost a bit girly with its curves. Something like a great retro German base big round and chunky, super cheap to pick up, but for now if you place it on the right table and have some fun rockabilly accesories I think she will still look tops. cheers Katherine

  6. Thanks everyone for all your suggestions - I think I know what I will do with the lamp after your feedback. I'll post about it soon. Cheers!


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