Monday, 19 April 2010

An easy choice

Thanks for your comments regarding our wall quandary. I did like hearing what approach you would take if you were in a similar situation.

To refresh your memories our options were:
1. Leave the fibro as it is.
2. Disguise it - leave the fibro, but nail ready-made MDF VJ (vertical join) panel board over the top.
3. Remove the fibro sheeting completely and replace it with traditional pine VJ timber planks.

The reality is our wall options were always going to be a toss up between Options 2 and 3 with the deciding factor being time and cost.

Old fibro walls

Jason is (undiagnosed) OCD.  Having two different wall types in the same room does not compute (feature walls don't form part of his vernacular...), therefore Option 1 was not even entertained for more than a minute.

He is also not one for leaving a job half done for too long, so time was of the essence with the time-bomb ticking in his head.

Cost was another issue - a DIY job was on the cards.
removing D mould which formed the frame and sill for the windows. This photograph is for Melissa.

I was pushing for Option 3 - complete asbestos removal with replacement VJ timber boards. As this was going to take more time and hassle, the Chief Renovator pushed for Option 2. 

I could hardly argue with him since I was not prepared to hammer each indivdual VJ board up, nor was I getting in any disposable suit and mask to rip off the asbestos fibro sheets.

New frame and window sills installed

So option 2 it was.

Now that it's complete, I know it was better than Option 3.  You know how I know this?

I quote the Chief Renovator (please imagine these being said in a maniacal voice in the fading light):

"Next time, we buy a new house!"

"These f*cking stupid nails are useless! Useless!"

"Is there nothing f*cking square in this house?"

"Another one of my bright ideas to buy this house..."

"This. Is. The. Last. Job. I. Ever. Do! We're paying someone to do the rest of these f*cking renovations!" 

VJ panel board to cover the old fibro walls

New window sill, frames and VJ board panelling awaiting a coat of paint


  1. I don't think I have laughed this hard for a while. Poor old thing! You'd better let him go and get some new shirts since he saved you so much $$$$

    What a great job though-It looks fantastic!!!

    Best wishes for a fabulous week and thanks for the laugh!

  2. All the effing and blinding was worth it - the wall looks absolutely fantastic! You are hilarious, this post just cracked me up. Hope Jason has recovered from his DIY trauma. Have a great week! Meredy xo.

  3. It looks great and I am happy all is done and all the frustrations are out. Laughing about your hubby and all of his cursing. Sounds like a reno in my house!

  4. Oh this made me laugh. You are so right it is hard to criticise from the sidelines if you are not prepared to pitch in yourself. We also have a problem with a non square house. Your result looks great. And I bet Jason is sleeping soundly !!! And thanks for your comment at AT you are very sweet. I have also laughed very hard at some of the comments over there.

  5. your CR sounds exactly like my son when he is doing a reno for me. i think its hilarious but i can appreciate their frustration hehe.
    have a great week

  6. Excellent choice, no one else will ever know the difference. As a girl that lives in a Qlder too maybe best not remind Jason that the best thing is when you've finished all the renos etc...its time to start repainting yey....NOT!! There is a song with the line in it "I lied about being the outdoors type" well I lied about being the "Renovation Type" As I get older a big square concrete box in Carindale is looking really a very good idea!! haha, cheers Katherine

  7. So fun!! I hear the exact same sentences every time I ask my husband to do something. Congratulations on the result. It looks great!

  8. Definitely the right decision I'm thinking, and I'm guessing that maybe you'll get to do the painting! Looks great Jason!!

  9. It looks great!
    Jason sounds just like my Lyndon!! I've heard those very same comments numerous times - I don't think I even respond any more!!
    Great job :)

  10. hehe, similar sounds could be heard from me this weekend, and all i did was paint the kitchen and hall.

    kudos to hubby for making it through, looks great.

  11. It looks great can't wait to see it painted. A house with square angles would bo very boring to rennovate, you need the effing angles to keep it fun.

  12. Hi. My wife ( a mad blogger..or plonker depending on the day) sent me this. Oh how badly I can relate. My biggest frustration renovating an old house is the fact that nothing is ever square. When doing VJ sheets it can be a real pain.

    I love these great decorating ideas they come up with. Apparently they are always quick, easy and simple. NOT!!!!


  13. Thanks for your comment Ben. It seemed like it would be a very easy job...comforting to know that other people can relate to joys of an older house!

  14. i heard easy vj was very expensive we got put onto a company call VJ PLUS ,THEY ARE THE BEST QUALITY IN PRIMING AND VALUE FOR MONEY if you want there number it is 07 32797811 very happy with our vj looks fantastic

  15. Looks great! Fibro is a HASSLE. My hubby has sworn that this is the last fibro we'll ever live in/renovate. Okay by me - I don't do the actual swearing part. :-)


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