Wednesday, 14 April 2010

To VJ or not to VJ?

That is was the question.

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There was much debate about what we should use to line the walls, beneath the new casement windows in our bedroom.

This bay window area has asbestos fibro sheeting rather than the original VJ (vertical join) walls, which is throughout the house. The bay window was a later addition in the 1950s or 1960s.  We also have fibro sheeting on the enclosed sunroom/verandah.

Ah yes...the ubiquity of asbestolux...
We tossed about our options:

1. Leave the fibro, as it is.
It's been there for nearly 50 years. Perhaps there is merit to just let it be, as it forms part of the history of this Queenslander. It is also in very good condition with no cracks.

Fibro wall under the casement windows

2. Disguise it - leave the fibro, but nail ready-made MDF VJ panel board over the top.

The cheat's way of getting the right look without the extra effort...A few panels of "eazy-vj" and, hopefully, Bob's your uncle.

 image from here

3. Remove the fibro sheeting completely and replace it with traditional pine VJ timber planks.

This would be completely in keeping with the traditional way the house was built, but with the added hassle/cost of asbestos removal and disposal.

So, we made a considered decision given our personal be revealed in a later post.

What would you do if it were you?


  1. I would probably go with option #2. Looking forward to seeing what option you guys picked.

  2. Oh asbestos... not fun. Had lots to deal with in the previous house on our block. Me? I'd leave it - VJ's .... but if I had squillions I'd call in the masked lads and do a total replacement. A-M xx

  3. I'd probably go with option 2 or option 1, as I do agree it is part of the history of your house and really dosn't look that offensive. If doing option 2, I'd check first that the asbestos won't be too disturbed by banging into it, option 3 sounds like hard work as I don't know alot about removal of this stuff but with the boys being so young etc I think it would be a hassle. Maybe its a job for way down the list and could be reviewed when your plates not so full. cheers Katherine

  4. Hmm, maybe option 2? I don't know, I'm so indecisive!
    Your windows are very nice!

  5. I would probably go with no 2, but always want to do Number 3. No 2 would really set off those lovely casement windows.

  6. i would choose 3, but given that it is your home, i will respect your decision hehe

  7. Good ol' asbestos. #3 is one heck of an investment, but then you get the peace of mind that the asbestos can't come back to haunt you. If I had the money, I'd do that and then defer other luxuries for a bit. Then again, I really like luxuries, so I can see a good case being made for #2.

  8. I'm not sure what the answer is - it's not a quick decision I'm sure. However - I feel a lightbulb has been turned on as I now know the meaning of 'VJ's'!!

  9. I would spend the money and get it removed professionally therefore safely, then save on doing the rest of the work myself. You'll feel better knowing it was done right. That said, I have no idea of how much that would cost, so easy for me to say right!!

  10. #2...I'm all about the easy and cheap option!

  11. Hmm - I'm too much of an eco nut not to say option 3! But then again - it ain't my house and I'm neither paying for it nor doing the work. Just don't like that Asbestosty stuff ... Don't much like MDF either or the way they make it. Would Jason be in for some more colourful language?
    Dying to know the answer...

  12. I actually think it looks pretty fine as it is.

    BUT if you want VJs then I would do option 3 ie do it right. And if you can't now, just wait a few years. Its perfectly liveable as is.

    We have a HUGE old combustion heater taking up heaps of space in our house. I know it has asbestos in it and we have been putting off doing something about it for 10 whole years. ..... useless isn't it.

    And that is mainly because I am put off by the idea of that Hazmat sign and the danger and expense!!


  13. Oh my dear, this is a dilemma. I don't think I would be touching it until I could afford the last more R&B shirts to help pay for it perhaps????

    Hee hee hee!

    Best wishes,

  14. No danger of earthquakes in your area? Then I would say #2. If you're earthquake prone though, you might want to have it removed now and not leave any potential for mischief up to Mother Nature.


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