Friday, 23 April 2010

Sunburst Westclox wall clock

I visited Mum this morning and came home with an old Westclox sunburst clock.

Her back room is an endless source for my mid-century decor habit. Another unloved item in the mound of junk.

The clock is made in Scotland and the metal surrounding the clock face looks like copper, so I will get out Jason's beloved Brasso and give it a gentle buff.

It is battery operated but I don't know what type of battery it takes (?) or whether it even works yet. Surely, it can be easily repaired if it has seized up?

In the meantime, it will hang in the dining area showing the incorrect time.


  1. Great clock...I quite like the tarnish look, easy on the eye, cheers Katherine

  2. I like the clock but I can't help drooling more over your VJs... Oh how I love VJs.

  3. That is a really great clock and I bet it looks great with all of your other finds-Well done! Can't wait to see what you find next time you go to visit your mum!

    Best wishes for a fabulous long weekend!


  4. Such a great find! It makes me think of a ring of garden spades.

  5. That's fab - I quite like the tarnished look too!

  6. Gorgeous Anita! YOu have the knack of finding really cool items. I really covet your scarlet bag in the Mother goose post ;-) YOu don't have to get an A for humpty Dumpty with a bag like that! hahaha


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