Saturday, 3 April 2010

Spider plant and coat hooks

Taking Susan's advice regarding what to plant in my new old anodised bullet saucer planter, I went looking for a Spider plant.

I had a feeling my Mum had a spider plant lurking somewhere in her overgrown garden. I asked her if I could have it for my planter - Mum's are good for giving you the things they no longer really want.

It looks better at my place anyway.

This is a photograph of the other side of the front entry (I'm sitting on the green butterfly chair).

As you can see, I use the door knob from the study door as a coat/bag rack. (I carry a hand-made cherry-red fabric tote, the other bag is #2 son's library bag which I still haven't packed away.)

Jason can't stand that I use the door knob. What can one do? It is the first protrusion I see when walking through the front door, so I dump my bag there while I bundle the brood into the house.

If I leave my bag on the floor, #3 son does a runner with it. The child shows me no mercy.

Therefore, I need a hook; preferably a funky hook. I didn't realise how many takes there were of the humble coat hook.

Here are a few of my favourites:

 Eames Hang-it-all
 image from living edge

This was originally my first choice but I'm starting to think it has been overdone. I don't know. I shouldn't over-analyse, it is only a coat rack, after all.

cubby coat hook  image courtesy of Materious

This is a very cool idea. It would mean never having to lose keys ever again...
jack and jill coat hooks image courtesy Great Dane

This is actually meant for a child's room or the beach house (that's what it says in the spiel). How limiting. If I was their copywriter, I would say it was meant for everywhere or for the whimsical...I shouldn't let their spiel put me off, I shouldn't let their spiel put me off, I shouldn't let their spiel put me off...

Or, should I just keep it simple?


  1. good choice of plant. i cant think about coat hooks... i still cant get over how shiny the floor is .... and clean. you rock

  2. Well without wanting to go over the top I have always thought Anthropologies hooks were interesting and nicely aged. They ship to Australia now. !! Happy E. xoxo

  3. Jane, I would never have thought of Anthropologie, so thanks for the tip. I checked it out and there are a couple which made the short list!!
    And Laura, my floor aren't that clean. It is the illusion of digital photography. Do I still rock?

  4. Don't ever confess to the digital photography illusion thing. You rock as long as someone says you rock. Whatever the state of your floors, I still think you rock. A woman is more than the shininess of her floors.

  5. Thanks Why S?, what was I thinking? I take that bit about the floors back. Laura, thanks for noticing my floors - a steam mop is my secret.

  6. Ha - I too was admiring your floors, thinking 'if only I had really cool, shiny floors like that and pure white walls - then everyone would notice my great hand bag too because of all the UN clutter!!!.'Don't let the spiel reel you in. If ya like it, GET IT!! Otherwise I can find you one over here in a vide grenier. I see those first ones quite often!

    Happy Easter Anita. Thankfully my #3 still loves the Bunster and the two eldest are having a great time going along with the story thank goodness!!


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