Thursday, 14 April 2011

Best Australian Blogs 2011 Competition

You can't believe how thrilled I am to be nominated for Best Australian Blogs 2011.

The feeling to have such an  honour bestowed upon this little blog is just indescribable.

Never mind the fact that I nominated myself for the award. It is still an honour to be up there with the very best of the Australian blogosphere.

I know you guys were always intending to nominate me. After a few weeks when there was no email from the Sydney Writers' Centre notifying me of my nominee status, I bit the bullet and saved you all the trouble.

I get it. Life can become busy and sometimes you just forget to acknowledge one of your favourite bloggers.  Y'know, ME.

When it comes to the voting process for the People's Choice Award, I've got it covered. Jason promised he'd vote for me at work every single day that the voting is open. He said he will desk hop and use his colleague's computers too. Love that man to bits.

I'll also be visiting the Brisbane City Council Library religiously for their free internet access and voting on your behalf at each computer terminal.

I've always derived inspiration from elections where candidates receive 1200 votes from 1000 registered voters. Those candidates who go that extra mile get my vote, especially if I don't even have to go to the ballot box...

My Facebook mates will no doubt answer the call. If all 13 of them vote, I should be in with an excellent chance. I'm debating about whether I should tweet about it; I suspect it could become a one-horse race if I do. How unfair would that be?

I don't think I will have much chance with the judging panel though, since I haven't slept with any of them. They are probably legit and will be mainly looking at the quality of writing in this blog.

Lets' hope they turn a blind eye to the rogue apostrophe's, not goodly grammer and poor staccato-like sentence structure. The grand prize is a writing course. God knows, it would go to a worthy cause, if I happen to win.

What's the bet a very good writer wins the writing course...isn't that like Miss Universe winning plastic surgery? How much better can they get?

If I win, I'll use the prize to commence work on my autobiography My Life with VJs; my children's book Mr Rooney Renovates with Jason; my Fun and VJs cook book 4 Stale Ingredients; and pictorial coffee table book Shirtless Jason. Given that sex sells, the wordless pictorial book will be a a huge success.

And then we'll make that movie.


  1. Hahahaha, I LOVE that you nominated yourself! It crossed my mind to do the same!

  2. Congratulations Brismod on the self-nomination. You've got my vote! xx

  3. Bring on the 16th of April...I'll vote for ya!!

  4. I will vote for you, Id love to see you write those fabulous books, LOL!!!!

  5. Congratulations for nominating yourself!

    Some would say that was an inspired Machiavellian move.

    I'll go and vote for you now!

  6. I'll vote for you. Actually, I'm a bit scared not to...

    TDM xx

  7. You've got my vote too! Like Trish I am hanging out for your books as well as the blockbuster movie ; )

  8. I think you'd be great at writing comedy! I'm all for that 4 Stale Ingredients...that'll be a big hit along with Shirtless Jason.

  9. And dont forget the movie in whaich we all get a part.

  10. That's right Anita, there just has to be a movie!
    Pam x

  11. Gosh, you guys are nice. Did I scare you all like I did The Distressed Mother? Ha!

    MMMC the voting lines aren't open until the 16th.

    I'm thinking of doing a presidential style campaign...get a campaign manager, press secretary etc to secure the votes. It is hard to run an election when you're basically anonymous...

  12. This post alone will guarantee you a spot on the winner's podium!

    Congratulations Anita-that is just so wonderful! I will definitely vote...several times!

    Thanks for your kind words about my blogging too. They really meant so much to me!

    Best wishes always,

  13. Can't wait to see you win Anita!!! You always give me a good laugh - love the 4 stale ingredients, I totally relate to this. Michelle

  14. Ha ha ha seriously, pass on the details and I will vote for you. Go Fun and VJ's.

  15. I think nominating yourself was a splendid idea. It saved us all the time in doing it.


  16. Hilarious Anita...of course we meant to nominate you...but you can't wait forever....go very, very funny..hope you win ;)

  17. You are a complete cracker! Did you notice you have fortuitously now hit 200 followers? I think it has to be a sign of impending victory.
    My suggestion for bribing - I mean encouraging- people to vote for you would be a giveaway involving a poster sized image of the cover of Shirtless Jason's coffee table book, make sure he is wearing THAT toolbelt. In fact you should make one of those little bloggy picture icon thingies ( yes I am still new at all this) of Shirtless Jason so that anyone who votes for you can post this on their own blog.

  18. Go, Anita! What an honour it has been to read this soon to be winning best post on this soon to be winning best blog. Count me in for as many votes as I can find computers for.

  19. Lots more shirtless Jason posts, and then you'll have my vote! Just joking - congratulations Anita. xx

  20. Woohoo! I'll vote for you, just let me know when and where.

  21. Ha, You are funny! Can Canadians vote? I'll do it, nothing like self promotion!

  22. So can foreigners vote? I've just caught up again after a week or so away! So - you chose green for your gorgeous new chair. And you have a coffee shop only minutes walk from your house. Truly you are blessed and on a roll!! Fabulous for you :)

  23. Hilarious! Any chance you can get cracking on the 4 Stale Ingredients book? I'm getting desperate, nevermind that my family is starving :)

  24. Well, if you're planning on an election campaign, my experience is that you start with a large stock of corflutes with your avatar and web address on them.

    We'll hammer them in front of every Mid-Century house in Brisbane.

    We could call you, 'Blog-Do Brismod', along the lines of 'Can-Do Campbell'.

    You should also do a series of Guest Blogs to increase your exposure!

    Yes, I have an exam to do today.

  25. You are very funny. I will vote for you. Did you decide who will play you in the movie? Was Jason played by ?Johnny Depp...

  26. Good luck with your nomination,we fans are real diehards(yes I read the toilet seat post for the first time the other day and still came back!)Lets see if I can work out how to vote.

  27. Gee, I can't believe how many of you have congratulated me for nominating myself for the award. Too funny!
    Simmone, you truly are a fan if you're still reading the blog!
    Martha, Jason will be Colin Firth...and I'll star in the movie as myself!! Ha!
    MMMC, you're hired as my campaign manager. Blog Do Brismod, it is! Which supermarket will we walk through first? And I can I borrow Martha for the day too. Kissing cute babies are always a vote winner. xx

    And to my Australian and international friends. Don't worry if you can't vote for me...I'll do it for you!!

  28. Oh Anita, you are such a card!! Why not nominate yourself? I'm sure you'll do brilliantly!

  29. Ps I just cast my vote for you! X


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