Monday, 4 April 2011

Reno Hard

I've scrapped the original Arthouse theme for the Fun and VJs movie.

Apologies to the Die Hard franchise.

Inspired by a comment from Jo here.


  1. Very very funny Anita!! I had to study Bruce a while to work out what that silver thing is, finally got it. The intellectual banter and comedial wit that is happening in your comments is hilarious and scriptworthy in itself. Cant wait to see Mr. Rooney's comment.

  2. Can I pay you to let me be in this movie? It'd be a complete hoot!

  3. OMG it's out of control!!
    I was thinking today that I was silly to think that anyone would play me in my walk-on/extra role, I will play myself!!
    ps got to say, I just love Merchant Ivory films. Maybe that'd be more suitable to Molly's Maison, though I can't see Molly dog in a bonnet.

  4. Hehehee. Love it, and the comments earlier are hilarious. I love the statham comparison, he is the king of action, way cooler than bruce.

  5. What a lot of cobblers.

    Less of the Merchant Ivory, more a remake of the Muppet Movie methinks.

    Also that bodged up Movie poster is some of the worst photo shop I've ever seen.

    Go and give your head a wobble Brismod.

  6. I'll be the chick in the hardware store trying to keep a straight face when you order all your hardeners and whatsits.
    These posts are hysterical. Love it. Best blog of the week so far!!

  7. I think Mr Rooney is upset that he isn't getting a slightly bigger role in the movie, and that his name isn't big enough on the poster!!
    Shirtless Jason - bound to be an Oscar contender!

  8. Mr Rooney's just getting into character Amanda...he is right about the shocking photo shop though. The hammer gun is not my best work.

  9. Totally gigglelicious post, entire concept and all witty banter that is forthcoming. Thanks for the update on the hammer gun- I was really struggling to work out what the heck it was. Think you need some preliminary posters of Jason complete with spray tan, bonds singlet and tool belty thing before you go off to discuss the details and retainer with MGM studios.

  10. Dear Anita,
    I just wanted to thank you for the comment you left on my blog. I really appreciated it and you made a very good point. I am really grateful, thanks again,

  11. I'm way not jealous

    Jas is the person that I know who is most likely to have an action figure made in his image.

    Once the merchandising people start pumping them out of the factory in China, I'm going to buy one.

    In fact, bugger it, I'll buy two. I'm going to get 'Suit Jas' AND 'Nailbag Jas'

    I suppose I won't be too happy when they start giving them away with happy meals and I tread on a 'nudie run Jas' in bare feet. That would essentially be a Calthrop.

    But we'll wait and see.

  12. Two tickets please and an extra-large popcorn. Is this cinema licensed for alcohol? May we buy a life-size Mr Rooney cardboard figure?

  13. I thought of Brucie yesterday when I read your post but only because I didn't know the other actor. Great minds think alike.

  14. My husband would totally watch that movie ;)

  15. Love it all, so funny! I too just worked out the hammer, sorry Anita. I love Mr Rooneys comments about the Jason dolls. Great laugh for the day. ;-)

  16. Maybe the figurines could come in model kit you have to paint and construct them...then all Jason's dreams could come true....just not sure what his Monday night buddies would think when he presents "nudie run Jas" for show and tell ha.
    I can see Mr Rooney starring in a spin off TV Series... not sure if it would be Macgyver style reno or Dr Phil style talk show ...I will take the show on the road in Fun and V'J's the musical.

  17. For those who didn't recognise the hammer gun, I'd hate to think what you thought it was...

    Mr Rooney, the action figures will also need accessories, like fancy sports car for Suit Jas and white SUV for Nailbag Jas. I recommend you wear safety boots if you buy the Nudie Run Jas...

    Mise, alcohol would be a requirement to view Reno Hard. Do you want the Black Adder version of Mr Rooney? He'd go well with your pink sofa.

    Katherine, I was thinking of throwing a couple of vampires into the musical version...

  18. I'm liking the merchandising. The action figure should be one of those where you can pull the string in the back and it says it's catchphrase. I think the Jas action figure should say

    "I pity the fool"

    But that's already been taken.

    I quite like Kath's idea of a musical. If so; what song would Jas sing?

  19. Ha! Whip it by Devo. He must have the hat too. xx


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