Sunday, 17 April 2011

Glazing casement windows

If you can make things with play dough then you can glaze a timber casement window, according to our Latin-speaking builder, Mr Rooney.

It is so true. Jason replaced a couple of panes of glass on some windows and it was probably the easiest job he's ever had to tackle at the Sow's Ear.

Jason removing the windows.
I told him to take off his shirt because no one would recognise him otherwise, but he didn't listen. He said he was busy...

The first task was to take the windows off its hinges and remove all the old putty and broken glass.

The measurements of the replacement glass was just right, allowing a few millimetres gap on each side of the space.

Glass fitted into the casement window. Checking to see if the size is right. The glass is fitted into the window via the external facing side
This was the moment of truth for me because I was the one who measured the windows and ordered the glass. Phew! Can you imagine the grief I would've gotten if I had stuffed that up?

A bed of Special Putty was laid around the window rebate. The putty is linseed oil based and similar in texture to plasticine.

We used special putty. It costs about $24 for a large tub from the hardware store.

Putty is used to keep the glass in place.
Jason centred the glass onto the bed of putty and made sure it was a snug fit. Another layer of putty was moulded around the glass to seal it in; fingers were used to spread the putty out. Hi-tech we are not.

Afterwards Jason used his 'blunt as his knob' chisel to smooth out the putty, running it along the edges to remove the visible finger indentations.

Smoothed out putty on the casement windows. You can see the excess of putty on the underside of the glass
Some putty oozed out onto the internal facing side of the windows. Jason used his BAHK chisel again to remove the excess. We let the window putty dry out for a couple of hours before re-installation.

The windows are up and they look great. You'll have to take my word for it because I forgot to take a photograph before it got too dark this afternoon!

P.S Thank you to everyone who has voted in the Best Australian Blog 2011 competition. We are still campaigning strongly spreading the Blog-go, Brismod-a-go-go message.

Jason's been practising intensive go-go moves as part of the effort. He's modelled himself on the shirtless dancers in this clip. Too funny.


  1. Well done Jas...I can see the key to the ease of this job was in the excellent preperation work done by your girl friday, otherwise known as brismod of course. So well done brismod. However I hope Jason's decision to keep the shirt on doesn't have an impact on the voting. Go-go team F&VJ's...

  2. That's the kookiest dance-off I've ever seen! And you're right, those shirtless dancers are a hoot!

    Man, I'd better get cracking on sewing some Polynesian caftans.

    Of course, you take the window off its hinges ... I was imagining you'd re-glaze while it was still hanging.

    I'm also thinking you could get t-shirts printed along the 1972 ALP 'It's Time' theme, but yours would say 'VJs. It's Online'.

  3. Katherine, naturally I accept all responsibility!x

    MMMC - That clip has great go-go. And the t-shirts! Why didn't I think of that? That's why you're Campaign Manager! x

  4. I think if you win you should make your own video with Jason and Mr Rooney as your dancers. And post it for our viewing pleasure, of course.

    TDM xx

  5. God bless you Brismod. You've just made an old man very happy.

    If I am not wrong, the hot blond chick is Annie Jones. Was in "Neighbours" Yah?

    Was also in the vid for the 'Huxton Creepers' version of "Pretty Flamingo"

    Fnaaar. I say again Fnaaar. Also Fwoof!

  6. TDM, I hope we win because that video would be gold!
    Mr Rooney, very close. It's Kimberley Davies from Neighbours. But I checked out the Huxton Creepers you tube clip. Ha! I certainly went through a time warp because I remember watching that clip when it first came out!!

  7. Kimberley

    Fnaaar. I say again Fnaaar. Also Fwoof!

  8. I just checked out the vid again too.

    The creepy element about the Huxton Creepers is the uncanny likeness of the lead singer to Martin Bryant.

    If that was made post Port Arthur, it's probably in poor taste.

  9. Those windows are looking good! Well done both of you...especially Jason!

  10. I think putty is one of the Great Smells - and re-glazing a window is practically zen! getting that putty perfectly...smooth...

  11. I went to vote again, but we can only vote once. I might put a link on my blog - I have such major traffic coming through every day - it will be sure to get you over the line :p

    TDM xx

  12. Sheesh, I was thrown by the tshirt. What's going on there?
    Anyway, the window looks fab, great work getting those measurements so right Anita :)

  13. Is there no end to Jason's Talents?


    Meanwhile, I have nothing else to report, 'cept I am loving this Motherhood Gig.

  14. Tee hee, so those Shelleys ads on television with the dud husband who can't fix anything & the wife is hovering over the sexy handyman - doesn't apply to you either?? Love my handyman too, the one i'm married to, even if he is only around a few weeks of the year. Poor bloke, arrives home & has to start fixing things on the long list of things i've broken or the children have damaged since he was last home. Love Posie


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