Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Barkcloth cushion and Best Australian Blogs scandal

A groovy new cushion led Son #1 to clean up his room. Hallelujah!

He sorted his toys and books, threw out old school work and removed all the forgotten bits and pieces he had stored under his bed. We can now confidently walk into his room without trampling on a colony of Storm Troopers.

Groovy barkcloth cushion (are they Roman horses or Greek?) with new polka dot pillow case
Keeping it real with the crinkly covers.
The new cushion cover was a gift from Jo at Desire to Inspire. Vintage Roman/Greek horses on barkcloth. It looks fantastic. Thanks Jo!

As you can see, I also got my package of polka dot cushions a few weeks ago. They have worked out brilliantly and I would be happy to recommend them if you were looking for affordable polka dots.

Day Four of the Australian Best Blogs Competition 2011

It is day four of the Campaign and all is not looking well.

My Campaign Manager, Make Mine Mid Century has been busy strategising, but her good work could all be for nothing...We could not have prepared for the breaking-as-I-type scandal.

Yes, you heard. A scandal.

Apparently some old pictures of dear Jason have emerged on the Internet. It's just dreadful timing.

This is not the forum to go into the specifics. Let's just say photographs of an alcohol-fuelled nudie run through ikea in the late 90s have somehow managed to rear their ugly head.

I now understand why Jason is always reluctant to accompany me to ikea! Oh the embarrassment! It makes Kevin Rudd's strip club adventures look positively tame.

Jason has ceased all go-go dancing lessons and has gone into hiding. If the media get whiff of this, I would suggest our certain victory is looking less certain.

This is a time when we need to bunker down and focus on policy, policy, policy. How will we get the popular vote to win Best Australian Blog 2011?


  1. It's OK Brismod - I voted... And now I follow too.

    Your blog is fantastic - so glad I voted for it sight unseen!

    PS - I think a nudie run through Ikea won't do any harm votes-wise. I think people liked Kevin more after the strip club incident.

  2. I need a moment to process this latest development.

    Okay, moment's over. Any publicity is good publicity.

    I think Scandinavians embrace nudity. Don't they?

  3. How about if Mr Rooney were to get the Sisters to pray for you - do you think that would swing it?

  4. I'd rather an Ikea nudy run, than an ear scratching, ear wax eating episode, any day! Too many vowels?
    I embrace nudity. Except my own.

  5. Nudie my apologies. Nudy is not the same, being the sister of Judy.

  6. Perhaps you should tackle the bull by the horn and 'leak' the photos yourself. Is there any video footage to go with them? Sex tapes do wonders for celebrities (Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton et al)

    TDM xx

  7. Hmm, that's a tough one. My advice is to have the culprit confess to an all-consuming addiction to nuding up, throw his naked butt into rehab for an hour or so, announce his immediate and miraculous recovery, and then campaign yourself into a frenzy. Of course, you must use your your sad story of years of heartache (and your unfailing support for your tortured partner) as fodder for the press. You'll win by a landslide. Problem solved. K xx

  8. Hmm, it will be hard to advise you regarding this issue unless we have some more specifics. Please post all details leading up to aforementioned incident...photographic evidence would be most helpful. Purely for consulting purposes...of course. Meredy xo.

  9. An Ikea nudie run..I might have to try that..Rachaelxx

  10. Think of it as the Inaugural Ikea nudie run. All for a worthwhile cause. We will all jump on the bandwagon ( Well you all can ). It will make the other contestants seem very uncaring.I think count all joy has the right idea. More specific details need to be leaked.
    Ps I am nearly laughing my head off. The kids have just asked what is wrong.

  11. Will it go into the movie??? lol

  12. All publicity is good publicity..or so they say in the game..a good scandal never seems to hurt a celeb or a polly! I think there has been a leak..to drum up publicity...shame, shame. On a different note..I think they are probably Greek horses as the other pattern is a Greek keyhole design.

  13. This just gets better and better. Have you got any movie offers yet?

  14. Really ikea? Please tell me it was a political protest against landfill or something. Ha this is definitely a low point. When is the campaign launch by the way? Every good campaign needs a launch. (Just came back from an evening with Rooney women we decided next time we want you to be our celebrity guest particularly now f&vjs is a famous nominated blog and surely a shoe in to win best blog)

  15. Thanks for your vote of support, friends!

    Kerri, you're hired even though you didn't even apply! Tactical Response/Trouble Shooting Manager. We like your way of thinking.

    Mise, we need the nuns to work a miracle to win.

    To all the Pervs, I would show you the incriminating photos but you'd never look at an ikea Poang armchair in the same way again.

    Movie offers are trickling in - a 1st year Film & TV student is negotiating to document the behind the scenes of the campaign...

    Katherine, my guest appearance fee is a vote from every single Collins and Rooney family member, including the pets. x

    Carol, thanks! You must've been the only one who read the decor stuff in that post! x

  16. Why was Jason wearing a shirt in the casement windows post?

  17. That's what I said, FF! Jason said he was cold...he's not consistent, is he?

  18. Hello, everybody, this is your action news reporter with all the news that is news across the nation, on the scene at Ikea. There seems to have been some disturbance here. Pardon me, sir, did you see what happened?


    Yeah, I did. I's standin' overe there by the homewares, including furniture and accessories, and here he come, running past the ENUDDEN Toilet brushes, through the HÄREN Bath towels, nekkid as a jay bird. And I hollered over t' Ethel, I said, "Don't look, Ethel!" But it's too late, she'd already been incensed.

  19. Mr Rooney, how are your Hillbilly witnesses coping with their ordeal?

    The campaign's doomed. First the photos, now eye witness accounts. Make sure you don't lose the nun vote, Mr Rooney. We're counting on some divine intervention!

  20. Rumor has it that Jason is jumping ship and leaving Queensland to stand for a blog in New England. It appears he wants to be the leader of the National Blog Party after Warren What's-the-fuss retires. Barnaby Joyce, sorry I mean Barechested Jason when questioned why he was considering running for New England said that his wife lives there. Anita have you moved? Thought not. Just another run off at the mouth comment that seems to match his run with his clothes off Ikea stunt. My sympathies Anita. Hard to win when the party hacks are wacks. If you need taking care of the Jason "problem" let me know. I have contacts in the Painters and Dockers Union who know places where they will never find the body. Just saying :)

    P.S. The barkcloth looks cool.


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