Monday, 25 April 2011

Saarinen and Featherston nudes

Our friend Chris who is a photographer is undertaking an art project. The concept is simply a series of individual nudes juxtaposed with iconic mid-century chairs. The photographs he has taken so far in the project are amazing.

One of my favourites is of a heavily pregnant woman posing alongside a Descon Kone chair. Her roundness mimicked perfectly the round form of this fabulous mid-century Australian chair.

A very brave Jason is the first male in the series to be photographed; his shots were taken on the weekend.

I tagged along to get some behind-the-scenes shots and to offer my two cents worth regarding the poses. "Give us your Blue Steel, Jason!"

The shots I took worked out well (if I do say so, myself). They also offer a small insight into a thriving Brisbane arts community, where people like Chris are constantly thinking and creating, no matter how big or small, for the sake of art itself. His chair series may never see the light of day...

Chris will show us his proofs next week, as he still uses film for his studio shots. Considering, Jason has a world wide following, it would be downright negligent of me not to share some of these shots with you.

Please enjoy.

A little bit of make-up before the shoot

Jason with Featherston Contour series chair in leopard skin.
The chair was being carried like a surfboard in this shot.

Posing with Eero Saarinen Grasshopper chair.
Most of the photographs were taken with the Grasshopper chair.
This is actually my favourite pose out of all the shots. Contemplative and at one...


  1. Wowsas!

    I'm thinking radical legal office letterhead!

  2. Now Anita this is really taking my mind off my sick daughter, thanks so much!!
    I think you should have blogged about this sooner and you would have definately won that blogger award!
    I laughed at your reference to a 'Blue Steel', which our 6yo does quite readily and strangely very well.
    Good on you Jason, all for art!

  3. And the legal firm's logo could be: "We never expose our subpoenas".

  4. What a nicely built husband....pardon me I meant chair...a nicely built chair.

    This is what I love about keeps pushing and making you think. I like that last shit because his posture mimics the charis shape...brilliant.

  5. Very radical MMMC! You need to get into copy writing.
    Meg, so true, the timing is all wrong. But it would've been such an unfair advantage!
    Chania, all Freudian slips are excused.

  6. My eyes are like saucers!
    How brave. I like the last shot best too. They all make me think.

  7. Now there's a definition of bravery for you! And for once in my life...I have nothing more to say...speechless.

  8. Actually, not quite speechless. Perhaps Jason could have worn Chania's freudian slip...that would be art wouldn't it :)

  9. Gee, he's in tremendous nick isn't he.

    I saw my Mum today. She said; "How's the new job"

    I said "What do you mean?"

    She said "Much of a quid in Wok smuggling?"

    She's cruel in the same way that Jason's brave.

    Bravo that man.

  10. Everything I type seems to have an unintended pun or maybe it's my brain . Its sad that I spent more time perving at the chairs and wishing I could see more chair leg than man leg ha sorry jas but now that you have cooked me sausages it's a bit like perving on a brother... But you look very sleek, I keep thinking hairless cat... Is that odd? My fav is the first I thought it was very Tarzan. Can't wait to see what Jo thinks.

  11. Oh my! Fanning myself as I write!!!

  12. I think I've seen it all now, literally :)
    (can't believe he let you post them!)

  13. Jason is brave to Nude it Up.

    I was once photographed naked with 600 other souls for a Spencer Tunnick photograph in Selfridges in London in 2003.

    Those were the days.

  14. Three Hail Marys and an Our Father thank you for the sin of lust. Not you ... me. Used to be an artist's model myself when the body was younger, thinner, firmer and the mind was more lascivious. Never forget the day when I walked into a house where I was spread eagled over a fire place. Thank God I was headless. Love the tramp stamp Mr J.

  15. What a wonderful concept. I like the surfboard/leopard chair shot the best- has great energy. Agree that this would have completely been your shoe in to winning that best blogging competition. Would love to see the rest of the exhibition- keep us posted if it goes ahead to completion.

  16. Jo, throw in a Glory be to the Father for extra measure. First FF tells me she's dabbled in artistic nudity and now you!

    I like that leopard shot too Bungalowgirl.

    Katherine, we had to wax poor Jason to give him that streamlined hairless cat look. We like to call it his Rodin look.

  17. Like others I am speechless. I am sure I could say something clever... nope. Nothing. Just scrolling up for another look at that chair and the hairless catman.

  18. Nice grasshopper ... well, what else would we have been looking at!


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