Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Arctic glass for casement windows

Cracked glass is not a good look. And we are sporting such a look in the sunroom. A couple of window panes were accidentally broken during installation. Ooops!

I've been hiding the cracked glass in my photographs of the sunroom.  But there is only so long we can keep up the façade of perfect windows. I know, the shame.

Now that painting in the sunroom is nearly finished, the glass has to be replaced.

I called a large window replacement company which quoted us $300 to have someone replace two medium sized panes of glass. After receiving that quote, I mentally delegated the entire job to Jason.

He's a handy kind of a chap...Why can't he do it?

I rang a second place called Decorative Glass which is a family owned business established in 1921 and based in West End. They sell Arctic Glass  - the obscure patterned glass which is typically used in old Queenslander windows.

I ordered two panes of glass to fit the measurements of the windows. I measured twice. Actually, three times, just to be on the safe side.

The guy at Decorative Glass said I needed to measure the windows from the outside and take about 4mm off each measurement to ensure an easier fit. He said most windows are not square so taking off a little more would ensure they wouldn't crack during installation.

Total cost of the glass: $33.

If you peer into the background of this image, you will see one of the windows boarded up with ply. Ha!

This weekend, Jason will install the glass using some trusty window putty. I hope he's reading this. This blog is like his to-do list!


  1. Painter - tick
    Builder - tick
    Glazier - ? good luck! What a huge saving if you have a handy fellow about the place.

  2. We are restoring a post war home (also in Brisbane) which has a total of 30 individual casement windows. Replacement would cost a small fortune, so we're restoring each and every one by hand. It's not the nicest work to be doing, but gee it's rewarding! Good luck with it, I'm sure it'll look awesome :-)

  3. We replaced the glass in our windows once - where there are 8 small panes (pains) and a cat came along and licked all the putty out whilst it was laying flat to dry Go figure!!

  4. Perhaps if that works out fine Jason would build a small Victorian-style greenhouse in your back garden, suitable for growing peaches?

  5. What a great saving!!! I'm sure Jason will love this job, after all it's another string in his bow. My husband replaced some window panes in our first home with the same kind of glass (OMG around 12 years ago now).
    Good luck. Michelle
    p.s. don't worry, we all have these bits around our home that we 'hide' in photos! Mine is the combined power point/tv outlet in the main lounge that we haven't got around to yet - the wires are hidden by a basket with cushions in it!!

  6. I shall remember 'arctic glass', I am sure we have quite a bit here in our house. I love the look of it new!

  7. We have that glass on our french doors. The man in the glass shop gave me "that look" when I asked for it. Some people just don't get "original". Good luck Jason, hope the job goes smoothly. Just remember to take your shirt off, we wouldn't want to get any putty on it would we;)

  8. Of course Jason can do it! I have a broken pane here, along with broken bits in my stained glass entry but I'm ignoring it.
    Was catching up on your posts and have to admit jealousy for your chair. You super lucky thing!! I love the fabric you chose x

  9. Confíteor Deo omnipoténti et vobis blogare,
    quia peccávi nimis, ópere et omissióne:
    mea culpa, mea culpa, mea máxima culpa.
    Ideo precor beátam Maríam semper Vírginem,
    omnes Angelos et Sanctos, et vos, blogares,
    oráre pro me ad Dóminum Deum nostrum

  10. Ignosco tibi, Dominus domino Roonemus.

    Blogare! Seriously, the funniest thing I've read this week.

  11. It's going to look fabulous! I can't wait! Have a lovely day, Kellie xx

  12. I am sure Jason will manage it just fine. Do post any tips as I haven't attempted ours yet.... Good luck! ;-)

  13. Thanks for the vote of confidence everyone!

    And welcome Anonymous. Sounds like you have a very big job with those 30 windows!

  14. I thought home improvement will take big amount for investment, but when I read your story, I was amazed that you made that with only small amount. Thank you for giving us the idea.

  15. Wow - well that's kind of a big difference in price!!
    I'm sure the installation will go well.

  16. We have recently purchased a post war home and I've just started restoring one of 30 windows. Over 80 years of paint!!! used $40 worth of paint stripper and still on same window. My partner felt sorry for me and purchased a heat gun, what a gem took the paint off in seconds. Worried about replacing the window putty but shall see how I go..................Angela


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