Sunday, 10 April 2011

The Sow's Ear in print

As promised, here is the print ad in which the Sow's Ear was the back drop. It was featured in today's Sunday Mail.

It was a really interesting day when they came out to shoot. I tried to stay out of the way as much as possible which was difficult since I am such a sticky beak.

The producers of the ad arrived first thing in the morning. They set up under one of our carports and had access to our downstairs toilet and laundry sink for the talent and crew to use while they were here.

It was a very painless process for us and we really would not have known they had set up camp at our place for over two hours. They organised refreshments from a local coffee shop which is literally a two minute walk from our place.

This is a back view of the pose in the ad.  I was looking out the front entry lattice when I took this photo.
Lizzie the Director was the liaison person on the day. She was fabulous. I think I thought that because she told me her cat shared the same name as Son #3. Same middle name too.

We're watching #3 closely for fur balls now.

The crew packing up under the carport where they had set up camp
After the shoot, I signed all the relevant paper work and found out the producers were mad keen Art Deco collectors. Don't you just love meeting interesting people who collect things?

So there you have it. We finally got an ad. Thanks Qld Film Locations! It was really fun.

I like that the Sow's Ear has been captured in print and that we have something tangible to pop into our house history file.


  1. :D I saw that page in the paper earlier and thought that must be the Sow's Ear fence.

  2. Congratulations Anita. Well done. Such a worthwhile Queensland ad to be featured in - well your fence and front yard anyway.

    I think I would have been discreetly snapping away from behind the lattice too! It just can't be helped! Brilliant work.
    Pam x

  3. That is so great. How exciting!

  4. How cool! What a pity we can't see you peeking in the background. A qld hope that was a healthy pay check.

  5. That is exciting and funny! I hope they paid well, especially as they had use of your amenities.

    Were the boys excited to see their house in print? Meow!

  6. "watching #3 closely for fur balls"

    Should happen around age 12 or 13, I would think :-)

  7. Wow, how exciting. I love that you can see the house in the ad too and not just the fence. I think you should frame it! What a fun experience.

  8. Is that your head I can see in the upper right hand window? Just kidding. How exciting. Great ad too. Very timely.

  9. Congrats on the feature. That is crazy that the cat shared the same exact first AND middle name. Wow.

  10. How exciting for you. It was an impressive ad. And for a good cause too.

  11. Congrats, that is definitely one for the scrapbook! You know that ad actually made me a bit teary when I read it, thinking about the floods all over again. We feel so far away from it here on the coast. Very nice that your home is a part of this ad.

  12. So glad you saw the post! Well, you're certainly stylish. And I hope you don't mind I used "Brismod" in lieu of a name - I sensed you might be wary of revealing too many details. I try to respect privacy. But let me know if you'd like me to change it!

  13. How exciting! My house was featured in an article on Queenslanders a few years back and it was weird seeing it in there.

    Did you also notice the article on your friend's house? pg 68.

    TDM x

  14. Wicked foto fanatic!

    I love the way they seem to have positioned a bucket in front of the worst of the termites (if I remember your fence post correctly).

  15. Oh! Fence Post - FENCE POST - geddit?!

  16. Fantastic. You never really give these sort of ads much of a look, do you? I mean you don't see it and sit there wondering where that fence was and what state was it in, and did they really slop paint on or was that photoshopped in afterwards. Fabulous insight.

    Jennifer xx

  17. Congrats Anita, how exciting for you! ;-)

  18. Fabulous! And I love that you've got some great house and family history to tuck print and on the blog. I think they should have used you guys in the shoot though :)

  19. Very cool! Your fence looks, um.. great?? I'm glad it held up to the touch of a paint brush too ;) Fence insults aside - sounds like it was a fun day x

  20. Woo Hoo. I'm so happy for you! I'm so proud when I see "one of my locations" on TV or in print. The Producer said how "perfect" your location was for the job. Thanks again Anita.

  21. What an exciting brush with fame for the old sow's ear, I wonder what Zoila would have thought about it all. I love the idea of any type of print fame, thus far my father featuring on the cover of "Beef Weekly" is as good as anyone in our family has ever gone in the spotlight. Can't wait to see the fully whitened up sows ear in a TV commercial....

  22. Thanks for all your great comments!
    MMMC the pay is a standard flat rate and it was extremely worthwhile to open up our home. The boys were chuffed to see the old fence in the paper. Son #3 was having a bowl of milk.

    Foto fanatic and Tricia Rose, I had a good laugh at your comments.

    Deb, thankfully I kept my head in.

    TDM, my friends called me and told me they were on Page 68. Ha! We laughed that our homes were in the newspaper at the same time.

    East of Hudson, loved your comment...I know, what else can one say? Great fence?

    Bungalow Girl, I think Zoila would've had an out of body experience if she were still around..."Beef Weekly" cover is my next goal!

    Thanks again Nat. It was a fun experience. x

  23. That's great Anita! Thanks for sharing the ad. xx


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