Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Front fence in an ad?

One of the most unattractive parts of the Sow's Ear may be in a print advertisement - our dilapidated front fence.

Front fence  under the lychee tree

Termite eaten and rotting front fence.
Wood straight into dirt is a recipe for termites

Nat Duncan from Queensland Film Locations called me this morning to give me the heads up that we are on the short list for the print ad.

We'll find out in the next hour or so whether we get the gig. I don't know all the details about the ad but the premise of the photo shoot is a family painting our front fence. Let's hope they do a good job...Maybe I'll get them to finish the sunroom while they're at it!

I'm going to have to warn them not to paint too hard or else the fence may fall down. As Mr Rooney, our wise builder, usually says about dodgy structures, "All that's keeping that together is paint and habit."

It is so funny that Jason works and slaves to make this house look fantastic, but clearly it's the crappy parts of the Sow's Ear which are most in demand in the advertising world.

Not that I'm complaining, because the extra cash from the ad would be very handy and we can put it towards the renovations. Or maybe Jason can treat himself to a new suit?

I'll keep you posted.


  1. How exciting...fingered and toes crossed. Tam

  2. Very exciting!! Fingers crossed you are chosen.
    It is amusing that the one part you've not worked on is a contender. There is a quaint element to a fence held together by paint and habit.

  3. Or you could get a new fence! LOL

  4. That is really very funny. Hope you get picked. Fingers and toes (FF2011).

  5. I think Jason needs a fancy steering wheel cover for the new jalopy. Patchwork mid-century ties perhaps? Or an iitalia gear knob? All extremities crossed for you x

  6. That is so bizarre I was only thinking of Nat this morning as I had read an article about the 365 gratitude blogs etc and wondered if she had read it, since that was how I found her through her fantastic 365 gratitude blog. I miss reading it now she has finished. Eventually, surely the Sow's Ear will get its 15 minutes. Is the fence for a before picture? ha.

  7. Wow after all your hard work,the fence?You realise you won't be able to fix the fence now or you might miss out on future jobs.

  8. Finger's crossed that this works out since you just missed out on the backyard one!!!

  9. Yes, you don't want to stress that old fence out with too much attention on it. I thik that's why I haven't cleane the windows, I'm afraid they'll drop out without any grime to hold them together.
    I'm so glad we don't have ternites in Tassie - they must be a major bugger.
    Good luck for the gig!!

  10. Our letterbox (in Melbourne) was in an Australia Post print ad, which I never got to see. Got paid $100 for it & didn't have to do anything. Very unassuming letterbox ... run of the mill, white metal from hardware store, perched above a low white picket fence. It was its "ordinariness" which got it the gig. The photographer told me too many letterboxes these days are built into fences & not typical of what people identify quickly as a letterbox. Meh ... I was just happy with my $100 buckeroos! Hope you (or your fence) gets the gig.

  11. Ooh, I hope you get the gig!

  12. Congrats! woohoo!!!!!
    How about that, all those renos and the bit that gets the gig is un-reno'd???

  13. Wow how cool, I just knocked my drink over in excitement ha. Off to change my britches!!

  14. I heard you had a fabbo day and Lizzie the Producer said you were a delight!! Thank you so much for being a location with Qld Film Locations!!! Love that fence! And Katherine hello!! Popped into the Old Boat House the other day but missed you.
    Hope everyone can keep their eyes peeled on Friday's Courier Mail for the Sow's Ear Front Fence!!!

  15. Thanks Nat. It was fun to have that much activity in our yard! Your life's mission to get us an ad has come to fruition! xx


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