Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Our back door and Miranda Kerr

Vale to our distressed back door.

The inside of the back door is white. And check out the new pane of glass in the windows. It is the clean one.
It is now white.

Who is our major competition in the Best Australian Blog Competition 2011?

Given the scandalous events of the past 24 hours, Make mine Mid-Century compiled a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis of our Blog-go, Brismod-a-go-go campaign. She's a savvy one, I grant you that.

She idenitified our major threat; our main rival in the competition. It's Aussie super model, Victoria's Secret Angel, founder of KORA Organics and author of Treasure Yourself, Miranda Kerr. (She is also married to Orlando Bloom)

Yep. I am not kidding...for once.

Arrogantly, I wasn't paying too much attention to our rivals. I am now. That's a pretty major threat. Sadly, our campaign morale has gone from rooster to feather duster.

Miranda Kerr image from here
So far, her blog has 100+ votes

So far, her blog has a handful of votes

I jumped onto Miranda's blog and read that they were nominated 13 000 times. Oh dear. I stopped myself from leaving a comment saying you only need to be nominated once to be in the running...and you could self-nominate too. Bleh!

But that would be petulant.

My friends, please don't think this will be the end of us. Team Fun and VJs is up for the challenge. It will mean we have to bring out the big guns. We will be putting our campaign efforts into full throttle.

Jason said he'll come out of hiding and face the music about the ikea nudie run in 1996. Tracy Grimshaw's producer has been calling non-stop for a tell-all interview. There could be some Jason tears. And we'll quash those rumours about Jason's secret wife in New England. (Thanks for the heads up about that rumour Jo!)

Is there anything else we could do to pip Miranda at the post for the Best Australian Blogs 2011 People's Choice Award?


  1. Get Miranda to have a fling with Jason...they'd turn against her in droves for that. Not that I'm suggesting for a minute that Jason would be the least bit interested of know that right? We just need a rumour. All's fair in love and blog comps :)

  2. Wouldn't it be better if Orlando and I had the affair?

  3. What have I been doing for your campaign? SWOT? What?

    I think I'll have the affair with Orlando, after you have the affair with Orlando.

    We have to cripple Amanda! Though she is very pretty and seems very nice and went to Catholic school and all, and has never said a bad word about you.

    Where's that Wind Defying Unmbrella when you need it?

  4. I did vote for you..and a few others!

  5. My vote is in. Now stop fretting. Everyone knows that photos of lingerie models breastfeeding their newborn infants is so, yesterday.
    Photos of Jason, complete with spray tan and toolbelt is so, now.

  6. Perhaps you could don a set of angel wings and strut around in your underwear to win some votes.

    You have 200+ followers. She has 100+ votes. If all your followers pull their finger out and get into action you'll be sweet.

    TDM xx

  7. I think you may have to fight dirty....

  8. I think photos of Jason will turn the tide! Perhaps he could also do a guest post on his nudie run?

  9. Photo's of Jason's nudie run are a given now! Besides - to win a "Best Australian Blog" - don't you have to live in Australia, rather than just visit when you're being paid for an appearance? I say put in a protest! And I'll retract my claws:) B.

  10. Why cant these people just let normal people have a turn?They have so much already grrrrooowwl ...thats what I think anyway I voted for you

  11. Oh Nelly, thank you. There are other big blogs in the running too. A lot of good ones. It is purely a numbers game - I've done the maths and our chances were never good.

    I just selected Miranda's blog because I thought it was hilarious that she had a blog in the first place. I never even knew she had one! xx

  12. Nobble. We need to start nobbling various competitors. I'll get my children onto it.

  13. Good work MMMC. Get your kids to nobble away.

    Just between you and me, MMMC, I think we might have to prepare a concession speech...I know...I am sad too.

    We have to be prepared for the worst case scenario. x

  14. I'm prepared to go to the Womens Weekly with

    "Orlando and Me - The love that dare not speak its name"

    But only as a absolute last resort.

    I remain etc. etc.


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