Friday, 22 April 2011

Easter Decorating

With all the electioneering that had been going on around here, I completely forgot to attend to our Easter decorating.

It is too late to make decoupage eggs or crochet little woollen egg garlands; our local florist has closed up shop too.

And suddenly I remembered what we have hanging in our lounge room all year round - two art deco Stations of the Cross, salvaged from an old church. We have Numbers 10 and 14.

Vintage Stations of the Cross #10

Vintage Stations of the Cross #14

They are very tall and heavy; the intricately carved timber frames are just beautiful. I originally wanted the pieces to hang in our bedroom, but Jason hastily vetoed that suggestion. The lounge room was our default position.

Interestingly, they are a great conversation piece and I personally like how they instantly aggravate a guilty conscience in every lapsed Catholic who enters our home...

So, I guess you could say our Easter decorating is sorted.

Happy Easter!


  1. Hi Anita, wow they are beautiful.

    Happy Easter, Tam x

  2. Yes, I agree with Jason ... a bit heavy having Stations of the Cross in the bedroom!

    They are very nice though.

    I made jam drops just before and they looked a bit stigmata-ish when I pulled them from the oven.

    Happy Easter to you.

  3. Thanks Tam!

    MMMC,I had a similar experience when I changed the sheets today. Jason's side of the bed always looks like the Shroud of Turin...

  4. Jam drop stigmata!

    Shroud of Turin sheets!


    Um, er, I mean

    Iesus autem dicebat Pater dimitte illis non enim sciunt quid faciunt.

    Can't be too careful, there was a bit of lightning around this afternoon.


    Perhaps not.

  5. Oh my, I am a bit thrown by the shroud of turin sheets. Yikes!! Have a lovely Easter Anita x

  6. Oh we'd have lightening bolts if we hung something like that in our house. I wouldn't mind a pew though, very handy seating for a large family. Again, at your own risk. Love Posie

  7. Mr Rooney, perhaps not. It crossed my mind the storm was for our benefit.

    Posie, I'd love a pew too. But somehow, people might think I'm starting my own church if I bought one...

  8. I think they are quite lovely...they just don;t make things like that anymore.

    I bought a metal piece in Mexico that is quite religious hangs in the bedroom. Hubby is alwys telling me to get rid of it but I like the artistry of it....and yes, he's a lapsed Catholic.

  9. You and MMMC are a bad combination!

  10. These are lovely and how wonderful that you rescued them!

    Kat :)

  11. Those are the coolest Easter decorations I could ever have imagined. Does it save you actually going to church? Pews or no pews, I think you're on a good thing there.

  12. Love these! Very very cool! :)

  13. I hear Mr Rooney has roped you in for Monday...eggcellent!! Can't wait to see all the gang! Happy Easter xx Katherine

  14. they are beautiful!, I love the comment about lapsed catholics we can never rid ourselves of the guilt. Happy Easter

  15. how authetic !! loving the wooden frames ... happy days matey - le xox

  16. Those frames are incredible ... and I'm always up for spreading around a little catholic guilt! Haha! ;)


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