Thursday, 21 April 2011

The Concession Speech


(Visualise that my arms are raised above my head and I am shushing the vociferous audience...of three dirty children and an overweight budgie.)

Sssh! Friends, please!

Well may we say God Save the Queen, because nothing will save (not even the Nuns at Nundah) the Fun and VJs Best Australian Blog 2011 Campaign. (apologies to Gough)

My friends, it is with a heavy heart that I write this post. We fought hard during this week of blood thirsty campaigning, but there comes a time when we must acknowledge when our good work is done.

And so, this evening I tweeted my opposition to congratulate them on their victory and to wish them well leading the Australian Blogging Community into 2011.

Although we do not see eye-to-eye on matters of blogging, I am confident that their head and heart is in the right place to steer this great blogging nation into prosperity.

I am deeply disappointed with the result, however I am not disappointed with my indefatigable team.

My Campaign Manager, MMMC who believed strongly in the dream. I thank you.

Kerry for her role in knitting campaign leg warmers. I thank you.

Mr Rooney, our loyal builder, for wearing his shorter-than-short shorts to acquire the nun vote. Good on ya'!
(check out how far his loyalty will go here)

To my dear Jason, who suffered terribly at the hands of the nudie run paparazzi....I say to you now with tears welling in my eyes, we will rebuild our lives together. We will continue to renovate the Sow's Ear to its former glory. Our hearts will go on and on and on.

And of course to you my dear readers for putting up with such buffoonery this last week. I pledge to you that I will never, ever, enter another blogging competition I know I will lose. He...he...he!

To that end, I'd like to take this opportunity to wish you all a happy, safe and restful Easter.

Good night!

P.S Oops! I forgot to put a list of the finalists as judged by the panel. Click here. The People's Choice is still open until next week.
PPS And I just found the perfect image for this post!


  1. Given the prize was a writing class or some such, you so don't need to win it Anita! Your literary talents are supreme!

  2. Is the voting over? Is that it?

    Oh well, there's always the next Federal election ... your competition's looking a bit confused, so I think you'll be in The Lodge before you know it. That place is probably due for a M-C revival.

  3. Oh disappointment. I'd bought my frock for the awards night and everything. Short enough to show off the leg warmers.
    wishing you and yours a lovely easter break :)

  4. Oh thanks lovely Sarah!

    MMMC, I thought I'd bail out before the popular vote was decided. I think it finishes on the 5 May. There is only so long you can flog a dead horse. One week was my limit. And I like an M-C revival at the Lodge. Somehow Julia is not the girl to do it...

    Kerry, I hope you can return the dress. I hope I can return the white go-go boots...xx

  5. Anita, you really are too funny. I wish there was an award for most humorous blog - you'd be a shoo-in! J x

  6. I'm awfully upset that I wasn't individually thanked given the amount of door to door campaigning and fundraising cake-sales I did for this. As usual, the woman on the street who puts in all the hard work, trudge trudge lonely trudge, gets overlooked in favour of those who wear the short shorts. And to think I remortgaged my house to pay for your campaign wardrobe! Never again, Anita; never again.

  7. None of my favourites won! Never mind..try again next time!

  8. Too bad! You have my best wishes anyway for a campaign well run.

  9. Never mind. Well done to everyone involved.

  10. Thanks Jane!

    Mise, apologies. You're so right. The workers are always overlooked when short shorts are involved. I will rectify that in the next election bid. I know I said I'd never enter another blog comp again...but like a good politician, I lied.

    Sonia, Carol and Deb, I've wept in my cornflakes this morning, and am sulking around in my slippers and track pants. I'm going to see my therapist this morning before the post-campaign blues take over...xx

  11. Haha ...

    ... well there's always next year! ;)


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