Sunday, 3 June 2012

If you squint really hard

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then you could mistake our new addition to the Sow's Ear as a Featherston Relaxation chair...

Webbed mid-century Australian chair

I did say squint hard!

They are still a great mid-century Australian chair though. We bought them from my new mate Jo from Murwillimbah (remember Jo from here ?) who contacted us to see if we would be interested in buying these chairs. Obviously, the chairs ticked all the boxes for us.

The original webbing is unusual as it has cord interwoven between the thick leather strapping. The lines of the chair are reminiscent of Jens Risom, Douglas Snelling and Grant Featherston. We think the chairs may be from the late 40s or even 50s but we're not sure.

Jo said there was an interesting story behind the chairs...she wasn't too sure whether it was entirely true or not. Who knows? But we love a good story, no matter whether it is fact or fiction.

Anyway, she bought the chairs from an old man who used to provide the leather for Grant Featherston's chairs. He told her that Featherston sketched the design for these chairs, which were then made accordingly. Funny story, isn't it? It makes the provenance of the chairs a little more intriguing...even if it proves to be bogus.

Regardless of the provenance, the chairs are very cool example of a well-made chair that has survived at least 50 years of use. Jo has another chair in black leather which she is keeping for herself.

The new chairs are on the enclosed front verandah for now. We have so many chairs we can play with !
Webbed chairs aren't to everyone's taste, but we are really pleased with them.


  1. Nice find. I've always like the Jens Risom chair, but I also like the 406 Artek. Just lately I've been eying off the Archie chair from Jardan (Mark thinks I have a chair fettish, and I think he could be right!)

  2. They look great and you'll have to investigate their history a little more. They look to be in fab condition :)

  3. Love them! They look great and actually look comfortable!

  4. I'm actually leaning to liking these ones more than the straight webbing woven ones. You know why? The combination of the thick webbing with the thin cord reminds me of traditional basket weaving and the like. As much as I hate the word tribal, that is sort of what they are, a tribal mid century chair.

    Enjoy the chairs :D

  5. They look very classy, either with squint or without.

  6. They look very classy, either with squint or without.

  7. Those chairs are very cool- never seen anything like them and are they an olive green colour too? What interesting finds with a good story to boot. meld

  8. Wonderful chairs and I'm digging the West-German pottery collection too!

  9. I love them. Fancy looking that good after 50 years. It was a different time. Things were built to last. Sigh. A-M xx

  10. I think they're stunning. I believe that story. Imagine if that was indeed their provenance?! I can't think I've seen others like them, which may point to their being prototypes. Exciting. Wish we could get GF on the blower and ask him.

  11. ohhhh I love love love them ! The colour makes them totally special too - pistachio green ? olive? hard to tell via browser but I just see they are divine! have a great day mntey le xox

  12. i still kick myself for missing one of the real deal's on ebay, for a song. love webbed chairs, and these two of yours are sensational darl! xxx

  13. Very nice! I must say your taste in chairs is much better than your taste in lights.
    Anonymous Natalie

  14. just took me a bit to catch up with myself !!
    prince edward island and ontario is where i am these days. split between 2 provinces but its kinda fun. Thx for checking in
    XX L


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