Monday, 18 June 2012

Windows done

Well, kind of...

Jason spent some of the weekend painting the exterior of the windows. All he has to do now is peel the tape off from the interior and install the brass window fittings. 

Jason gave a coat of paint to another section of the new weatherboards but I didn't get a chance to take a photo before it became dark.

And on the weekend I scored a new art glass piece and a West German pottery vase from a school fete.  Someone must've cleared out Granny's china cabinet because there was some cool stuff that the family didn't want. Yay!

yellow art glass

Steuler pottery vase


  1. Excellent score! There was so many fetes this weekend. I always think of Jason when I see shiny brass fixtures... Hope he has no dramas this time.. Not like the study.

  2. That yellow art glass is stunning! Nice one!

  3. Hello:
    Most striking 'finds'. You must be exceedingly pleased with your latest purchases.

  4. I need to hang with you! All I ever find is old tupperware & crockery you used to get with vouchers you'd collect from Coles! Nice finds.

  5. Love the W. German vase. It's divine. I'm starting to get nervous that you're coming close to finishing that house. What will Jason do?! And you ... what will you do too?! Ha. Almost slipped up!

  6. It must feel sooo good to be near the end of the painting. Oh I'm so jealous!! No, really, it's fantastic for you.
    Love the yellow glass. What a fresh, clear colour.

  7. Hello. Brand new to your lovely blog. The Husband and I have just purchased an old unloved Queenslander, so looking for inspiration I found your blog. I love what you've done with your gorgeous home, and can't wait for the day my poor sad house has some life back in her. I think you might have inspired me to chronicle the progress in blog form. Thanks for the inspiration (I too am a lover of white walls!) and all the shirtless pics!


  8. Thanks Phoebe! Yes start a blog. Would love to read about your renos. Let me know when you're up and running!! xx

  9. Helloooo! sorry i haven't dropped by for ages, looking pretty sweet!!!! love the yellow glass too! Have a great weekend,

    sar x

  10. Those German vases are so appealing aren't they? Been painting windows myself,just don't forget to take off the tape. Our neighbour didn't and still has tape stuck to his french doors.


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