Friday, 8 June 2012


You can see I was stumped for a blog title!

The final hopscotch window was installed last the rain of course. I don't think Jason even sees the rain any more and I've never ever seen him consult the Bureau of Meteorology for a weather forecast when planning outdoor work!

Despite the weather, he managed to install the window. A clean and a coat of exterior gloss white will get the windows looking lovely again.

Anyway, I'll let the photos speak for themselves.

The windows are salvaged from an old Queenslander. We changed them so that all the windows were in keeping with the house. It gives a more seamless appearance to the exterior of the house. 

This is Jason planing the windows in drizzly weather, so that they would fit comfortably

This is the bedroom side of the Sow's Ear. The colourful side with green, amber and clear panes of glass. Maybe we're not quite matchy-matchy after all! The sticky-out section was an addition to a bedroom in the 1950s - it is part of our master bedroom


  1. lovely jubley ! well done guys - so fab - just makes it :) le xox

  2. It looks so high now and really very seemless. What's next?

  3. Doesn't drive you mad not being able to see out of rippled windows? Correction: Won't it drive you mad not to be able to see out of rippled windows?

  4. Eh, they look beautiful. Hate inappropriate windows in houses. Like the wrong teeth in the right mouth (or something).

  5. Its looking fantastic!! My hubby is the total opposite, he starts his day on Willy Weather, even when he has no plans!!!

  6. I think those windows are great!

  7. looking GREAT!!!!
    Makes a big difference!

  8. The house looks amazing. The windows look amazing. Have you ever thought of internal stairs to link the two areas? Would that be possible?

  9. It looks great. How lucky to be able to find the right windows. we have found some internal doors that would be great at our place, but in Hobart, the chances we'll be able to win the auction are minimal, there's just not enough stuff to go around. Basically what I am saying is that it's great that you have access to great salvage places.
    Great job :)


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